The US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark is reportedly asking the country to buy more F-35 jets.

The Ambassador has also reminded Denmark that it should fulfill three-year-old promises to strengthen defence and surveillance in the Arctic, say local media.

Denmark has ordered 27 F-35As and at least five will remain in the U.S. for training purposes.

Ambassador Carla Sands says she is concerned that NATO’s aircraft power and surveillance capacities are not enough in the Arctic and that Denmark should fulfill three-year-old promises to strengthen defence and surveillance there.

Referring to the F-35 purchase, Sands told news outlet Jyllands-Posten:

“There are not a lot of aircraft in Denmark. You have 38-40 F-16 aircraft today. It is actually a reduction in the number of aircraft, and Denmark should probably look into it”.

NATO aim to keep defence spending to at least 2 percent of their GDP. There are currently only six nations doing so: the US, Greece, the UK, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Denmark spends 1.35 percent and plans to raise it to 1.5 by 2023.

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James (@guest_483115)
1 year ago

Who would of guessed

Steve R
Steve R (@guest_483116)
1 year ago

Whenever the list of NATO countries that spends 2% or more on defence is shown, it always amazes me that Greece is on it. Aren’t they flat broke? I’m all for European countries spending more on defence, us included, but how can Greece afford that?!

Sleepy (@guest_483118)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R

Greece has historically always had a quite high defense spend due to the animosity between them and Turkey, who they see as the traditional enemy.

Gavin Gordon
Gavin Gordon (@guest_483124)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R

The more your GDP reduces the greater your percentage inceases. At least in the short term. Could be great under Corbyn? ?

John Hampson
John Hampson (@guest_483140)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R


Matt (@guest_483174)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R

The money Greece spends a lot of it goes on pensions

Daniel (@guest_483194)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R

Greece also still has National Service which must require a reasoanable amount of money to keep going.

David Flandry
David Flandry (@guest_483197)
1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel

Draftees are cheaper than professjonal soldiers.

Jafar Banda
Jafar Banda (@guest_483200)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R

Poland too

Mark (@guest_483355)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve R

One of the governments at the start tried to reduce the Defence Spend, the Generals reportedly reminded them that they’d been in charge once and perhaps the Government should leave the budget as it was…

Nigel Collins
Nigel Collins (@guest_483155)
1 year ago

They would be far better off purchasing Grippen E/F to make up the numbers, and through in some UAV’s. Interesting piece. Sweden says it built a Russian fighter jet killer — and stealth is totally irrelevant. “Additionally, the Gripen E can fire almost any missile made in the US or Europe. “If you couple a very effective radar with excellent EW and a Meteor, the most effective longest-range air-to-air missile which is resistant against [Russia’s] jammers … There’s no reason not to assume it wouldn’t be pretty damn effective,” Bronk said. “If you’re a flanker pilot, it’s probably a very… Read more »

Andy P
Andy P (@guest_483180)
1 year ago

US ambassador encourages buying US produce…. nothing to see here, move along….

Peter Crisp
Peter Crisp (@guest_483185)
1 year ago
Reply to  Andy P

That’s exactly what I thought.
I have a feeling the UK ambassador has at least mentioned that maybe they’d like to have a few Eurofighters or a frigate or 2.

David (@guest_483184)
1 year ago

I know our RAF Typhoon drivers have a lot of respect for the Grippen due to its small size and phenomenal EW suite. I read once that a RAF Typhoon pilot was alarmed at just how close a Grippen got to him undetected – and that’s with PIRATE which is itself very highly regarded. If I were a Flanker driver, I would be worried. I’m glad the Grippen is on our side!

AlbertStarburst (@guest_483235)
1 year ago
Reply to  David

Weren’t their exercises done in the past with RAF Tornado F3s and Hawks against US F14s. The Tornies held back and painted the F14s, whilst the small Hawks engaged in close-in combat. Very effective apparently.

TwinTiger (@guest_483198)
1 year ago

Ahead of the NATO meeting where a review of member states 2% spend commitment will be a topic, the US Ambassador to Denmark is lamenting the parlour state of defence spend by Denmark, with an obvious ‘quick-fix’ of purchasing more F-35s. She does not seem to know how many F-16s Denmark currently has anyway!

Denmark would be better placed to identify any Naval, Army or Air Force assets (including F-35s) to lift its spend, to suit its defence risk assessment and NATO obligations.

Mike O
Mike O (@guest_483248)
1 year ago

Perhaps the UK ambassador could propose a few Britten Norman Defenders. A little easier to support in the Artic than a F35(!) and could be a simple way to increase capability.

Steve H
Steve H (@guest_483649)
1 year ago

I’m not going to comment on Denmark’s defence policy but there was another subject bought up in the article……….. The NATO required 2% GDP for membership. 6 Countries out of the whole Alliance meet the required standard and in my Country, it’s not bloody good enough!! What’s happened to Germany or France etc etc??
It’s about time they stepped up and done what is required…..Angry face!!!!

Steve H
Steve H (@guest_483650)
1 year ago

******where it says “in my Country it’s not good enough, I meant opinion…..not COUNTRY*****
Sorry everyone….,….