A US aircraft shot down an armed pro-regime unmanned aircraft last week after it fired on coalition forces in southern Syria, officials said in a statement.

The statement read:

“The pro-regime UAV, similar in size to a MQ-1 Predator, was shot down by a U.S. aircraft after it dropped one of several weapons it was carrying near a position occupied by Coalition personnel who are training and advising partner ground forces in the fight against ISIS.

The shoot down follows an earlier engagement in the day in which Coalition forces destroyed two pro-regime armed technical vehicles that advanced toward Coalition forces at AtTanf inside the established de-confliction zone threatening Coalition and partner forces.

The Coalition’s mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  The Coalition does not seek to fight Syrian regime, Russian or pro-regime forces partnered with them. The demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces near Coalition and partner forces in southern Syria, however, continue to concern us and the Coalition will take appropriate measures to protect our forces.

The Coalition presence in Syria addresses the imminent threat ISIS in Syria poses globally, which is beyond the capability of the Syrian Regime to address. Coalition forces havebeen located at At Tanf for more than a year. The garrison is a temporary Coalition location to train vetted forces to defeat ISIS and will not be vacated until ISIS is defeated.

As long as pro-regime forces are oriented toward Coalition and partnered forces the potential for conflict is escalated.  Coalition forces are oriented on ISIS in the Euphrates RiverValley.  The Coalition calls on all parties to focus their efforts in the same direction to defeat ISIS, which is our common enemy and the greatest threat to regional and worldwide peace and security.”

The shoot-down reportedly followed an engagement earlier in the day in which coalition forces destroyed two pro-regime armed technical vehicles.


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Steven Jones
Steven Jones
4 years ago

As these “coalition” forces are in Syria illegally maybe they should pack up and relocate to Jordan, also the mysterious UAV attack vaguely identified as being pro-regime sounds like an effort to build a background for a future FALSE FLAG event that will serve as the pretext for much larger attack on the Syrian Army and allied forces by the US and it’s servants…..sorry allies.