The US Chief of Naval Operations met in London with the First Sea Lord of the United Kingdom and the French Chief of Naval Staff.

This is the first time the three chiefs have held such an event. The importance of such collaboration can’t be overstated given the increase in maritime competition worldwide and recent geo-political events.

As a result of the half-day session, the three chiefs affirmed their commitment to increased interoperability in a signed agreement that stated, “We believe this increased trilateral cooperation will help secure a future that is not only in the interests of our three nations, but in the common interests of our allies, partners, and all likeminded nations who are committed to peace, prosperity, and maritime security.”

The US, UK and French navies have regularly operated together around the world. During this trilateral event, the three chiefs agreed there is room for more joint operations and for enhanced cooperation in the undersea domain and power projection.

Each navy is committed to an open and free maritime system based on respect for international law. Continued trilateral engagement and cooperation is in the interest of each individual country, NATO and the overall maritime community.

Link to text of 2017 Trilateral Agreement.


  1. If Labour get into power on June 8th, they have promised huge social spending, and that can mean one thing, cuts in defence spending. Participating in joint action will be difficult in the mid to long term, as I’m convinced the following cuts will apply. Early decommissioning of Trident with no replacement, sell off HMS Prince Charles, reduce Type 26 and Type 31 orders (possibly three of each?). The army and airforce will possibly see some key programmes cut or cancelled.

    From what I have read and heard, Corbin’s government will increased spending on policing and anti terror resources. I’m also sure Corbin wont want too many joint defence agreements with our allies, in fear they may lead to UK forces being deployed overseas? We can only wait and see, but what I’ve predicted may come close to Corbins thinking?

    • ‘If Labour get into power on June 8th’

      they’ll have to go some to match the tories slashing of defence since 2010.

      ‘Early decommissioning of Trident with no replacement’ – party policy is renewal regardless of Corbyn’s persponal views.

      • Let’s just wait and see, however, more midstream Labour ministers of the past, have taken a knife to defence. Corbin strikes me as someone who always puts welfare before any other priority, therefore, a difficult man to reason with irrespective of importance, such as defence?

  2. Blimey Maurice. We live in a democracy mate. Not sure parliament would allow Corbyn to do any of what you have outlined. Besides it is highly unlikely scenario that Labour are going to win under his leadership.
    We need as a nation though to respect democracy and let the citizens of the UK decide based upon the political parties manifestos. Not fear mongering and supposed dreamt up worse case scenarios.

    • Actually, the UK does a piss poor impression of being a true democracy as “the Executive” has so much power.

    • Well, it all depends on how much power Corbin attains. On the question of Trident, he could be guaranteed the full support of the SNP. Depending on the size of his majority and by gaining support from others, such an objective could be realised? As for general downgrading of the 2% of GDP on defence, I believe he would not lose too much sleep over that. As for the somewhat gloomy forecast I wrote above, the same applies, it’s all politics, democratic or otherwise. If Corbin does manage to get in with a small working majority, I’m sure defence will be vulnerable to his ambitions to spend big time on welfare.

      • If Corbyn gets in it will not be pretty for defence. Granted, I accept there could be a limit placed on what he could do with majority size etc., but it’s well known he is no fan of defence and anything less than the meagre resources we have at present will hurt significantly; we’re threadbare as it is.

        I agree the Dreadnaught program would be cancelled immediately and the resources routed to letting who ever the hell wants to come in and setup shop here – at the British taxpayers expense.

        Let’s face it, aside from defence, we are totally screwed if he gets in!

        • ‘If Corbyn gets in it will not be pretty for defence’

          as you point out later it’s not been pretty for defence under the tories – not that the press has said much about it, as they would have done if it had been Labour cuts.

          ‘Let’s face it, aside from defence, we are totally screwed if he gets in’

          Most people are pretty well screwed now, under the tories.

          • “Most people are pretty well screwed now, under the tories.” – unemployment is falling, the economy’s growing – so how exactly are “most people” screwed HF?

          • I believe the current Tory policy is more on track, than when austerity first began. Under their watch the carries did get completed, Type 26 and 31’s given the green light, retention of Tranche 1 Typhoons and the confirmation of F35 procurement. In addition, the green light for the Ajax armoured carrier family, Challenger 2 upgrade, commissioning of new troop and fueling aircraft and C130 replacement plus a Nimrod successor. And the conformation for the building of four new Trident subs, and the completion of the Astute programme. Finally, the achievement of 2% of GDP to defence.
            Another key area of improvement, forces housing and the sell off of valuable MOD land no longer required for the nation. I’ll just hope most of this plan continues after June 8th.

  3. If Corbyn becomes Prime Minister within a few years the economy will be broken.. Any extra resources the Labour party would put in to the NHS and police and so on would all be lost within a parliament of 5 years ! Labour just don’t know how to run an economy, would lead to the usual cut’s having to be made post a Labour government.. Feeling a little disappointed with the Tories but i hope they stay in power.

  4. “Most people are pretty well screwed now, under the tories.” – unemployment is falling, the economy’s growing – so how exactly are “most people” screwed HF?

    Unemployment seems to be falling as people take on non-jobs (zero hours contracts, or being ‘self employed’), living standards are falling for most people, public services are in crisis, the army is being used for police tasks to free police for anti-terror tasks after massive cuts in the police, inflation is rising, and the UK’s economy is stalling – Google ‘UK growth falling’, for a start.

    “Growth figures published by Canada late last night confirmed what most economists already knew: the UK’s 0.2 per cent growth in the first quarter of this year put it next to Italy as the slowest-growing in the league table of the world’s advanced economies”

    The Uk debt and deficit has grown hugely under 7 years of ‘austerity’, following the multiple failures of Osborne and Cameron. Relating directly to defence the tories have reduced our forces to a level not seen for decades.

    Mrs May has cut and run because she knows the policies of the last 7 years, plus ‘Brexit’ means she will have to make more cuts and increase taxes very soon. She hopes another 5 years, after reneging on ‘no early election’, of tory rule will mean that they have a chance of more smoke and mirrors before the next election, aided by their allies in the overwhelmingly right wing press. Still, the rich are getting richer, which is all that counts, as tory policies villify the less advantaged to create division. I’m not poor or a ‘benefit scrounger’, btw.

    Think this is a picture of economic health ?

    • And yet, the world still wants to come here hmmm.


      I’m not surprised. Have you seen a map of the size of the UK and where are we putting 300,000 plus a year extra people in it?
      NHS, Schools, housing, all public services will improve with LESS people using them, not more.
      I did not have to wait 2 weeks to see a doctor when I was a child, no wonder as there were 20 tens of million less using them.
      Granted the ageing population going hand in hand with this does not help, which is probably why governments are happy to let migration continue, and national identity and social cohesion go to hell.

    • David, I agree with you 100%. He will hand the Falklands to Argentina against the islanders wishes. Gibraltar will be handed over to the Spanish and he will hold talks with the Rep.of Ireland on reunification with Northern Island. We all know about his support for the IRA.

  5. I trust if any of you become ill or elderly, you will turn to those unusable nuclear missiles to make you better. Maybe even an aircraft carrier? Who are you trying to impress with big boys toys the taxpayer can ill afford?

    • Typical leftie.

      5th biggest economy in the world, giving away billions on oversees aid. We can afford plenty if money is spent properly and not given away and immigrants are not bleeding the nation dry. Yes they work and pay tax. They take too. So saying the taxpayer cannot afford is rubbish.

      Your problem is that you have a chip on your shoulder about the UK being anything other than a tin pot nation, with no diplomatic, political, and military influence on the world stage whatsoever. Just like Corbyn, McDonnald, and Abbot.

      No one is “trying to impress” anyone. Just the UK, as a P5 member and one of the worlds largest economies and member of the P8, having armed forces that match its station. Oops I have gone and offended you and countless other unpatriotic lefties I’m sure.

      Now this is a forum for people who care about this nations armed forces. So do us a favour and go live in Havana or Venezuela, places Corbyn idolises and I’m sure you’d feel right at home.


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