Voyager tankers have refuelled an inbound aircraft after it declared an emergency, it has been revealed.

Voyager, the RAF designation for the Airbus A330 MRTT, began air-to-air refuelling flights and made its first operational tanker flight in May 2013. The UK operates a total of 14 Voyager aircraft, 5 of which are leased for commercial purposes when not required.

It has also been made clear in the last few moments that the refuelling operation has now concluded and additional Typhoon aircraft have been scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth to begin escorting the cargo aircraft over every British city, town and village but it is understood that the aircraft has only been cleared to fly over the homes of good boys and girls, it is expected the aircraft did not enter our airspace a moment before midnight and was gone in time for first light.

It is understood that the Ministry of Defence used satellites with infra-red sensors to track the aircraft, the heat from an animals red nose was clearly visible.

In addition to fuel, the Voyager aircraft has also transferred over some biscuits and a large quantity of Brandy.

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Well I’m sure that their is an invoice in the post for MR S Claus from the MOD for several thousand pounds for services rendered out with the air refuelling contract….


In other news the Sec Def has reversed the decision to cut the ‘Be the best’ slogan long in use by the Army. Shame he can’t reverse the all other cuts the tories have made in the last 7 years.


Jesus wept HF – Wrong comment in the wrong Thread. Park the bitterness its Christmas ….


I agree Chris !


No bitterness – just an accurate comment. If I can’t find a thread on this elsewhere I’ll park here, whether you approve or not. Tory defence policy is, as ever, as disgrace. I’m a ‘leftie’, byw.


HF – You’re a ‘Leftie’? No shit Sherlock we would never have known. And like all Lefties you don’t know when to shelve the bitterness. Any excuse to spread the bullcrap. I won’t destroy your inaccuracy here but I will elsewhere. Bring it on.

THIS Thread is about having a laugh in the spirit of Xmas even for those of us who are non-believers. But I guess there is a profound loss of humour in the Leftie ranks ….

Evan P

Hello, I’m a leftie. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and have a happy new year!


‘And like all Lefties you don’t know when to shelve the bitterness. Any excuse to spread the bullcrap. I won’t destroy your inaccuracy here but I will elsewhere. Bring it on’ And you call me bitter. Don’t worry about where you ‘destroy my inaccuracy’ – tell me the major cuts to the forces by the tories haven’t happened. How big is the army now, how many squadrons have been axed, how many surface escorts, subs, and major warships are left after ‘austerity’ inspired lunacy ? Tories always play the patriot card yet always screw up the forces. Don’t bother with… Read more »


Not everyone gets to celebrate Christmas. Who protects those who have a chance to celebrate, I wonder?

Bob Perry

Lovely to be able to spend Xmas at home. Sadly my dear wife is in Liverpool Heart Hospital and I am unable to visit because of the dreaded man-flu and it would not be wise to give it to her in her current state. But cheers lads and if their are any lasses cheers to you too. Wishing nice day and look forward to serious reporting soon. Strange but my car was covered in what appeared to be reindeer poo this morning.


Hope you’re both on the mend soon Bob
Can’t keep track of all these ‘spoof’ news stories..haha
But def no reindeer poo up here in the North


Well done the RAF all I can say is Fabulous and thanks for saving Xmas.

Peter French

Hav,nt we overdone the Santa sleigh wind up as above and with QE carrier being sent to Arctic for supply support. Well it is Xmas I suppose


U lot at the MoD need to try harder

The photo gave it straight away

Geoffrey Roach

Well, at least Santa Clause is real, whereas H F ? I have my doubts.
Bob I hope you are both on the mend and enjoy a happy new year together