WATCH: 847 Naval Air Squadron on Exercise Wildcat Raider


Watch 847 Naval Air Squadron on Exercise Wildcat Raider at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, USA.

847 NAS were deployed on EX Wildcat Raider in Arizona conducting Desert Environmental and USMC interoperability training and the training also marked the first time the Wildcat has been taken to a desert environment.

Over the last month the squadron has completed day and night dust landings, mountain flying, and interoperability training with UK F-35s, USMC V-22 Ospreys, AH-1Z Cobras and UH-1Y Hueys.

Major Sutton has served in 847 NAS in numerous roles including Operations officer and XO, upon assuming his command he said

“It is an absolute honour to become CO 847 NAS and the culmination of a life-long ambition. 847 NAS is a unique and exciting unit which holds a very specialised role within Defence, we are the first Squadron to operate the Wildcat Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter frontline and can do so either embarked or ashore in any environment the world has to offer.

The Sqn is full of talented, professional and enthusiastic people and I am thoroughly looking forward to what will be the best job I ever have.”

The role of the Wildcat helicopters of 847 Naval Air Squadron is to provide oversight of the battle-space to 3 Commando Brigade RM.

The AW159 Wildcat is an improved version of the Westland Super Lynx military helicopter designed to serve in the battlefield utility, search and rescue and anti-surface warfare roles.

In British service, common variants are being operated by both the Royal Navy and British Army to replace their ageing Lynx Mk.7/8/9 craft. The AW159 has also been offered to several export customers and been ordered by the Republic of Korea Navy and the Philippine Navy.

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