The Royal Navy’s massive 70,600 tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth is floated out of dock for the first time in Rosyth, this happened in 2014 and work has progressed rapidly.


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andy hutchinson

i can,t wait to see it finished up and running..

John Garner

A question I always wanted to ask is, whilst floating the QE out of the building dock how did they get a tug fast on the bow ? There does not seem to be enough room down the sides. I hope someone can help me solve my puzzle.


Howie Elliott

brilliant to see….

David L Thomas

Nice this means business

David L Thomas

Im really excited and eager to see the carrier docking at Portsmouth.

Dave Stone

Looking forward to seeing this arrive at Pompey. Looking at recent pictures the other day, looks like she’ll need another paint job first!!

Dan Hunk Olesen

Let me know if you put it on ebay at some point, i might be interested lol

Harry Robinson

Do we have enough sailors to crew it? ?

Charles Verrier

Yes. It’s high level of automation means crew is about the same as Invincible class…

Harry Robinson

Charles, sorry I was being a little sarcastic ?

Charles Verrier

Ask about Sea Typhoon and nuclear power too ?

Harry Robinson

As an ex Tankie myself you are now confusing me Charles ?

Jack William Millen

Harry Robinson Top criticisms from apparent Facebook Military “experts” are that the carriers aren’t nuclear powered and that a Sea Typhoon would be far less costly and infinitely superior….which it wouldn’t…..ever

Harry Robinson

Thank you Jack for your explanation ?

Gordon Robertson

Awesome, I’ve watched her being built over the last couple of years on my way to work.

Paul Mulloy

Andy Curwen

David D.

Pity about the limitations of the “Jump Jet” configuration – it could have been so much more versatile,