The crisis began earlier after Russia stopped the three Ukrainian ships from entering the Sea of Azov via the Kerch Strait by placing a cargo ship beneath a Russian-controlled bridge.

The Ukrainian navy said on social media that two Ukrainian sailors had been wounded in the subsequent seizure of its ships and that the alleged Russian attack on them had occurred after they had retreated and headed back towards Odessa, the Black Sea port from where they had begun their journey.

It also said in a Facebook post that two ships, Berdyansk and the Nicopol, were damaged.

“After leaving the 12-mile zone, the Russian Federation’s FSB opened fire at the flotilla belonging to… the armed forces of Ukraine,” the navy said, with officials from both countries accusing the other of provocative behaviour.

Later that day, Ukrainian Preisdent Poroshenko signed decree on martial law, and sent to the parliament for approval.

Oleksandr Turchynov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, has reportedly said that the incident was an act of war by Russia.

He has also stated that active military preparations have been spotted along the border on the Russian side.

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Steve Taylor

Who knows? Who cares?

Is it policy of this site to delete posts that don’t buy into this anti-Russia nonsense?


This website is pretty impartial .I have never heard or had messages deleted on this website but it does happen a lot on RT chat forum now only English speaking Russians are allowed to comment.
A lot of non Russias care about the mistreatment of ukraine by Russia I take it you are not one of them?


You fucked impolite bastard.
Here are correct spelling
Ukraine (Capital U)
and such case you love rus a lot it has to be ruSSia

David Dunlop

YT. I’d be careful of what you say least you find yourself booted off this site!! Take it easy, sir!! This is only a site for one’s opinion, not a site to down anyone!!

Geoffrey Roach

Don’t be ridiculous. Judging by recent posts if there is anybody on here with a bias it’s you , not that I have noted you saying anything useful about east or west.


My comment was about defending UKDJ for being impartial which it is ,never mind any of my comments Geoffrey, take a chill pill.

Geoffrey Roach

The only problem Dave 12 ,as you will see from the position of my blog I was responding to S T so there was no need for your comment about me.

David Steeper

The problem with pro-russian comments is that they’re from either 2 sources either that in/famous building in St.Petersburg. Or they’re brits here paid by the Russian state. In my whole life I’ve never come across a single brit who buys into russian propaganda so my thoughts on the people on this site who do are bought and paid for trolls until proved otherwise.

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Mr Bell

The UKDJ is impartial- loads of PutinBots get to post stuff on this website- which is really infuriating but at least the real Western, democratic and free people can respond to said rubbish and outline the actual truth.
The truth being that Putin is from Mars and has 2 heads- one stuck up his own aXXe
Hey ho- could not resist.


Ah sorry there Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Roach

No problem.


Worrying escalation of Russisn aggression. Classic disruption tactics before weak excuse for active intervention.


There are two things going on here. First, Russia is cranking up the pressure on Ukraine and the EU by acting like childish idiots. Second, Ukraine has presidential elections very soon and the current President is doing appallingly in the Polls. Russia knows this and so sees an opportunity for maximum disruption with minimal effort. Meanwhile if Ukraine can be united behind the enemy that is Russia and the president is seen to be strong in standing up to them then he may be re-elected. It is all a political game but it is one that could go very wrong… Read more »

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Mulu Bar

Russia never let the NATO (USA) to install rockets 400km from Moscow! Never!
This is why Russia has a war with Ukraine!
Election? BS!