Soldiers from 165 Port and Maritime Regiment Royal Logistic Corps have recently been on Ex Mulbery Leader 2, an Annual Deployment Exercise, say the British Army.

According to a British Army release on the exercise, one part of the exercise saw reservists at Browndown Beach, Southampton preparing the beach for the Mexeflote powered raft to approach and off-load/load vehicles. For many of the reservists involved this was the first time they had used the platform to move vehicles between the beach and a ‘Roll On-Roll Off ferry’ anchored in the Solent.

Staff Sergeant Ivor Farrell, Acting Coxswain, was responsible for transferring the vehicles and equipment between shore and the ferry. He said:

“There are many different challenges we have to consider when operating the Mexeflote but probably the biggest one faced is obviously the weather conditions as these will directly impact on our ability to discharge the assets onto the beach.

Communication and teamwork is also a key skill that the crew need to develop. With the vessel fully laden the engineer is unable to see the beach or the skipper giving direction so we rely on a system of hand signals to convey direction, so working together as one to ensure a successful landing is imperative.”

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Paul Wood

Browndown Beach is NOT in Southampton – or anywhere near it. It’s in Gosport.

Ray Young

Browndown beach is in Gosport, which is not in Southampton or a part of it.

Ray Young

Browndown beach is not in Southampton it is in Gosport, which is a separate town nowhere near Southampton.

Daniele Mandelli

Browndown always used for this sort of exercise.

How many Mexeflote does each Bay have? 2 ?

A real force enabler, with 17 PMR and their reserve, 165 PMR.

I wonder what they used as their RoRo Ferry?


Yes, each Bay can carry two, and we have a fair few Mexefloats I believe.

I’m not too sure if the Ro-Ro’s can carry Mexe, but they can deploy vehicles to them. I suppose it’s possible for them to carry the containerised/separated sections of Mexe, and deploy them with its crane – but I’m no expert on this!

Think defence has a slightly dated, but interesting article to read here:

Daniele Mandelli

Thanks Lusty I had long before read that TD article. They are fond of Mexeflote on there!


No worries. They sure are, but their articles are always an interesting read!


Probably one of the four Point Class available for use as RoRos.

Daniele Mandelli

I was not sure as thought the article would just have said so. Was under the impression the shipping was imaginary with the ” ferry ” quote.

Didn’t know Points can deploy Mexeflote?

Also Points being used in Oman and NATO exercise at the moment so all 4 busy, good to see if so.


Yes the four point class ships can and are used with the Mexeflotes.
Here’s a video of this in action.

Daniele Mandelli

Great. Thanks Jack.


Just a quick note, Hurst Point was used.

Ivor Farrell

It was the Hurst Point.