About 200 troops from The 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS) are on their way home after six months training and mentoring security forces in Iraq, say the British Army.

According to a press release, around 40 troops arrived back at their base at Glencorse Barracks in Penicuik early this morning (19), with the rest returning over the next few days.

The troops have been training Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga troops to fight the pockets of Daesh, who are still in the country. The training and mentoring operation in the Middle East is known as Operation Shader, and is the UK’s contribution to defeating Daesh.

The troops from 2 SCOTS will now spend a few weeks on leave before a series of homecoming parades in Penicuik, Glasgow and Ayrshire say the British Army.

The role of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, in its own words is:

“We are a large Scottish regiment bound by our unified purpose – to deliver a modern infantry fighting capability for the UK and its Defence requirements around the world.

Each of our Regular battalions have specialist operational roles whether fighting on foot or mounted on the Army’s latest armoured vehicles. They work with our two Reserve battalions to ensure that the Regiment is balanced and adaptable, ready for all conflicts present and future.

The Regiment is a disciplined, resilient and professional team with an unrelenting focus on the pursuit of excellence. A team within which all people are valued and empowered to do their best. A team that has the humility to learn from each other and other people.”

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Are they not referrred to as Royal Highland Fusiliers anymore ? Didnt like this amalgamation. Anyway, seems they all came back safe, and thats the main thing.


Welcome home glad everyone made it.

dennis welch

Great to see and hear the boys are back safe we are proud of evry one of you