The Royal Air Force has announced that the 2020 RAF Cosford Airshow has been officially cancelled.

A statement from the Royal Air Force reads as follows:

“Following the earlier announcement to postpone the 2020 RAF Cosford Air Show until September, we have now taken the difficult decision to cancel it for this year. 

The decision to cancel has not been taken lightly. The Royal Air Force relies on support from international air forces and assistance from local civilian services, our commercial sponsors and volunteers to stage the Cosford Air Show. We are also indebted to the general public, who attend in their tens of thousands every year.

It is now clear, however, that the necessary precautions implemented recently by the UK and international Governments to combat COVID-19 will prevent us from staging the Cosford Air Show in September. Although we are very disappointed for all those who wished to attend, we believe that the health and well-being of the public and serving personnel must come first. This will always be our top priority.

We look forward instead to welcoming members of the public and our partners to the Cosford Air Show in 2021, where we will once again showcase the very best of aerospace and aviation. In the meantime, we offer our very best wishes to all those we work with to deliver the Air Show and look forward to seeing you all again next year.”

The airshow will take place again in 2021.

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Shame but understandable. I wonder if the great seaside air shows will go ahead? People can socially distance along beaches but maybe the traffic and footfall around loos, kiosks etc mean they are out too. Maybe the Reds could do some shows for TV?

Daniele Mandelli

“People can socially distance along beaches” Really Rob?! Have you seen the imbeciles on the beaches this weekend gone, packed like sardines in a can with no social distancing whatsoever. in Durdle Door ( which they wrecked dumping tonnes of rubbish ) the emergency services had to fight through the crowds to reach the numbskulls Tombstoning off the rock. No doubt when the spike in infections arrives they will be scratching their heads ( if they’re not ill with covid ) and blame the Tories / Johnson / Cummings for their inability to follow simple instructions. Rant over. I think… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

I will if I may withdraw the term “imbecile” Idiots maybe more appropriate. Sorry for any offence caused.



I said people ‘can’ not will socially distance on beaches. Actually agree but very sad about it. Why are some people so stupid & selfish? Down there in the west country the Police should have intervened much more forcefully.

Oh well.

Daniele Mandelli

You’re correct of course Rob. My comment was not aimed at criticising you, just that I’ve been very annoyed at what’s been seen over the weekend.

I agree the police should intervene. Oh maybe keep beaches closed if so many are attending?


There’s a few webcams on YouTube of various beaches around the country. It’s only a snapshot of course but in most places people are observing social distancing on the beaches. It’s the crowding on public transport as a full return to work happens that concerns me.

Daniele Mandelli

I wasn’t aware of that HF. Good news. The media do like to hype I know.


Bournemouth has been cancelled, that was due late August. Sadly I doubt there will be any airshows this year.


My local show, Eastbourne, has also been cancelled. They are actively promoting next year’s show, at present.


Been to the last 3 – shame but no other choice.