Pratt & Whitney has secured a three-year, $201.9M contract modification to obtain long lead parts and materials needed to produce lot 14 propulsion systems for the F-35 aircraft.

The modification combines orders from the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, non-U.S. Department of Defense participants and foreign military sales customers, the Department of Defense said Monday. The contract notification is displayed below.

“United Technologies Corp., Pratt & Whitney Engines, East Hartford, Connecticut, is awarded $201,915,947 for modification P00004 to the previously awarded advance acquisition contract (N00019-18-C-1021).

This modification provides for long-lead materials, parts, and components for Lot 14 F135 Propulsion systems for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft in support of the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, non-U.S. Department of Defense (non-U.S. DoD) participants; and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers. Work will be performed in East Hartford, Connecticut (67 percent); Indianapolis, Indiana (26.5 percent); and Bristol, United Kingdom (6.5 percent), and is expected to be completed in April 2022.

Fiscal 2019 aircraft procurement (Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy); non-U.S. DoD participant; and FMS funds in the amount of $201,915,947 will be obligated at time of award, none of which will expire at the end of the fiscal year.

This modification combines purchases for the Air Force ($68,062,565; 33.71 percent); Marine Corps ($34,923,315; 17.3 percent); Navy ($23,607,892; 11.69 percent); non-U.S. DoD participants ($66,767,551; 33.07 percent); and FMS customers ($8,554,624; 4.23 percent). The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity.”

Work will take place at various locations in Indiana, Connecticut and the UK through April 2022.

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julian1 (@guest_461964)
2 years ago

Does Lot 14 encompass the current UK order for 35 F35Bs or is this early lead order for the propulsion systems required for the aircraft that will include the remaining 13 UK aircraft of the original 48 F35B commitment?

More generally, when do people think the next batch will be delivered to RAF Marham since we are meant to have 207 Squadron standing up in the coming months and at the moment we only have 9 airframes on UK soil. Talk about a snails pace!

Captain P Wash
Captain P Wash (@guest_461970)
2 years ago
Reply to  julian1

George Osborne Stated that all 138 will be In service by the 2030’s.

This equates to a possible 20 year procurement, Takes no account of Historical events, natural attrition, Sale of a carrier and aircraft to Brazil, India, Spain, France. Nor future government policy or Accountancy Influences.

Either way, We will never have the 138 F35’s all available at any one time, just like the Tornado, Typhoon.

or put another way, We will be down to the bare minimum, Just like the Tanks and Ships.

Cuts Cuts and more bloody Cuts.

Pete (@guest_462000)
2 years ago
Reply to  Captain P Wash

Hey capt. I view it as a 40 + year procurement program with program kicking off in 1996…x35 first flying in 2000 with selection made 2 years later when ‘138’ was already the number.

Assuming we get 15 years out of last airframes delivered it will be close to a 60 year adventure.. But im assuming they will be technologicaly redundant long before then.


Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_462010)
2 years ago
Reply to  Captain P Wash

Morning Cap. With the Typhoon in service too, if the Fast Jet fleet touches 200 aircraft I’m happy, so a mix of F35 and Typhoon.

It is way below that now the GR4 has gone.

138 F35 plus the 100 plus Typhoon force is not in the planning.

Hopefully some UCAV to add to that mix too.

Cam (@guest_462020)
2 years ago

There’s a new Predator drone squadron standing up soon isn’t there and we are getting 20 new drones.

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_462032)
2 years ago
Reply to  Cam

Yes Cam

13 and 39 Squadrons already on Reaper.

31 (B) a recently retired GR4 outfit will form on Protector I hear.

In my post above I was thinking more Combat UAV rather than Reapers to supplement the future mix of Typhoon and F35.