11 aggressor aircraft went up against 11 Typhoons over the North Sea as part of Exercise Joint Warrior.

736 Naval Air Squadron, the Royal Navy’s ‘attacker’ squadron, took part in the ‘attack’.

“The squadron is used to test ship’s companies and fighter controllers in how to respond to hostile aircraft or incoming missiles. It is part of the annual multi-national Exercise Joint Warrior, which is taking place off the east coast of Scotland this month.

The black-painted 736 squadron jets were operating from RAF Leeming in Yorkshire before moving up to Aberdeen International Airport for the start of Joint Warrior.”

Lieutenant Commander Jason Flintham, 736’s Commanding Officer, said:

“Our role is to be the enemy – the bad guys if you like. It’s not easy, but we try to be as difficult as possible and push the abilities of our personnel to respond to a high-speed aerial threat. In one situation, 736 Squadron provided four Hawks as part of an 11-aircraft airborne threat against 11 RAF Typhoons.

With 22 aircraft in the air fighting on this occasion, it was super exciting to be involved with and it demands much concentration and skill from my navy pilots. These large-scale exercises are key to the delivery of the UK’s Carrier Strike Group, and 736 Squadron is at the forefront of preparing our ships for future operations around the world.”

The Royal Navy also say that the jets from RNAS Culdrose have been taking part in training with NATO ships as well as the RAF Typhoons and the Lightning stealth fighters.

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