Roled as an Airborne light infantry unit, the battalion is capable of a wide range of operational taskings.

Based at Merville Barracks, Colchester Garrison, their barracks in England, personnel regularly deploy outside of the United Kingdom on operations and training.

“The Parachute Regiment is the airborne infantry regiment of the British Army. The 1st Battalion is permanently under the command of the Director Special Forces in the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). The other battalions are the parachute infantry component of the British Army’s rapid response formation, 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Paratroopers are trained to conduct a range of missions, from prevention and pre-emption tasks, to complex, high intensity war fighting. Watchwords are professionalism, resilience, discipline, versatility, courage and self-reliance.”

According to the Ministry of Defence, public order is a key skill required by 3 PARA in its current role as the lead infantry unit in the Air Assault Task Force (AATF), which is held ready to deploy anywhere in the world at short notice to conduct the full range of military operations.


  1. Some fear Brexit could create an atmosphere where physical confrontation can’t be ruled out. One scenario that may cause friction would be revoking Article 50? Areas most of risk must be principle towns and cities, where protests are the most likely venues. Brexit will also be seen as a fulcrum to cause mischief in some political quarters, and in those incidents, the army may well be held in reserve to support of the civil powers? Disturbances will most probably be short-lived and generally controlled. At the end of the day, Mr. Angery of Surbiton, will accept the majority view and put down his pen.

    One area where UK Forces could be used is general logistics and vital guarding throughout the county immediately after a ‘No Deal’ departure?

    • If the government were to delay leaving the EU or dilute BREXIT to such an extent that it would be a meaningless excercise, then mass protests would be entirely justified. I would like to think that those in senior positions of the military would not allow themselves to be used as skull cracking boot boys of a parliament that was showing total contempt for the British people.

      • If by contempt for British people in general you mean how generally useless they’ve been in the last two years I’d agree with you.

        If you mean by them not all whole heartedly charging toward a no deal Brexit, or daring to suggest a second referendum then you could argue they’ve shown contempt to 27% of British people. But in no way would that be contempt to all the British people.

      • Agree with Steven. You cannot overtime the democratic wishes of 17+ million citizens and expect those 17 million people to be happy about it. It seems our parliamentarians have forgotten they are supposed to serve the wishes of the people. Not the other way around. I have to say our current crop of political leaders are a joke, no fortitude, no belief in the British people. No faith in the decision we made to quite the EU. It seems death by a thousand cuts and twists in parliament is the way BREXIT is heading.
        The concerns of billionaire industrialists and the wanker bankers are taken much more seriously then the elected choices of the British citizens. If the military want to put themselves in the way of 17 million angry voters then it is going to get very bloody very quickly. What have we come too due to Cameron, Osbourne, May, Brown,Blair and now Corbyn 2 generations of inept self serving, self congratulating leaders. The EU can see what’s happening in parliament and now there will be no further assurance, no change to the frankstein deal on offer and back benchers led by Bercow, so called speaker of the house will now scheme to make sure BREXIT does not happen. Because they know better than the 17 million citizens that voted for leave.

        • Well Mr Bell…Ding Dong! Load of polemical rubbish…based on slight understanding and even slighter historical knowledge. Actually they do know better than those 17m voters, some of whom are voicing their opinions very loudly in Wetherspoons (so, no change there then). You are right in one respect though, Cameron is a complete idiot…we can agree on that at least.

          • It would also be beneficial if people stopped pretending leave had a huge majority. It was as good as split down the middle. “British people” implies that it is what everyone wants. It is not. l tossed a coin 100 times, 45 heads, 55 tails. So, a series totally random events deviated further from the average that the Brexit vote did. This is why we can’t say that a deal that is closer to what we would have if we had remained is a betrayal of the will of the people, because as good as half are in fact in favour of it remaining anyway. Fine, I accept that the majority voted to leave, and this is why we should now leave. However, any talk of how politicians must aim for a “hard Brexit” to respect the 17 million who voted for it is unreasonable.

        • “17+ million citizens and expect those 17 million people to be happy about it”

          Yet the 16+ million who voted remain should just bow down and accept whatever chaotic Brexit is demanded by those who shout the loudest. Accepting the democratic will of a desire of 37% of the voting population (27% of overall) to leave the EU does not mean that those who voted remain have to accept a no deal Brexit if they feel it would be damaging for the country.

          Doing so does not mean they’re opposing the will of a sector of the population, it does not make them unpatriotic, cucks, libtards or whatever other insults I’ve seen thrown about. It means they care about what they think it best for the country. Ultimately I feel we will have to achieve a Brexit deal which whilst achieving Brexit considers the views of all the population. After all while 17+ million may have voted remain we are a country of 60+ million all of whom will have to live with the consequences of Brexir regardless of what they may be.

          • Evan P – Its my belief that the Majority for Leave would have been much higher were it not for two events,both Criminal,one of which was very tragic.I think a more accurate result would have been more like 60% to 40% if not more had the vote not been Skewed.

        • Robert1, you make a good point and one that appears to have been overlooked by many MP’s. The question on the ballot was ‘In or Out’ of the EU, there were no other points or caveats. Therefore, all the shenanigans and interpretations witnessed in Westminster are purely fictional manifestations of the general rabble. The PM has been consistent in her determination to leave the EU, though she too is also guilty of remodeling the details somewhat? Like biblical accounts, the plain simple truth gets corrupted to fit the political landscape. I reiterate, the vote was ‘In or Out’ and we all know the outcome of that, so why do so many voices fail to understand that simple mandate?? If I were Cameron, I’d find a new life in Australia, the naivety of the question was possibly the most inept in British history?

    • The military always have plans to assist the civil powers, and these range from local security to key sites, delivering and escorting essential convoys, to public order if required, although the police will always have primacy. Plans are in place and regulaly dusted off and updated, depending on the current situation. And no this training by the boys has nothing to do with BREXIT, it’s just a badly timed ( in my opinion) part of the normal training programme by a single rifle company. As if this was a BREXIT themed training let me assure you that every Battalion in the UK would be doing this, and, nope, they are not.

  2. I don’t think Paras’ and civilian demonstrations really mix…history has at least one sad example. As for Brexit violence on the streets I think that is a little overblown. When we achieve the 2nd referendum, and the whole Brexit issue is abandoned, there will be little in the way of violence; just a few right-wing nutters that will already have been identified by GCHQ/MI5 and will find themselves quarantined. Happy days will be here again!!

      • Now, now Steven…don’t throw your toys out of the pram. You know that remain makes sense, and given that the vast majority of MPs’ support it, it’s just best to give in gracefully to the inevitable. By the way, I’m sure that GCHQ has already logged your comments. Rumours of military disobedience are as farcical now as they were when Harold Wilson was PM.

        • Idiot. Typical remained. Of course you know better than the tens of millions that voted for BREXIT for a diverse number of logical reasons.
          EU paid bot by any chance?

          • “Typical remainer”. It’s so easy to say the same thing about leavers, it’s probably best we all just accept that different people have different opinions, rather than painting everyone with the same brush.

        • So in your eyes 17 million people’s vote does not mean jack. On that platform if the next general election does not go my way I want it to. Can I therefore argue that there be another general election to get the party in I want. Democracy has obviously gone out of the window. Oh hang on is that then called authoritarian state

    • Most people ever in work in this country
      Whats that saying ?
      Supposedly the migrants are going home back to Europe becouse of Brexit so it seems as though they were keeping our own people out of the job market
      Maybe the immigration vote from the supposedly racist and horrible people who supposedly didnt know what they were voting for is becoming true
      And also people are still investing and beleive in the UK as the BBC would say “in spite of Brexit”

  3. Just how long will it take for a certain section of our population to realise that a second referendum on ANY Government policy once it has been approved by the electorate in a referendum will cause irreparable damage to our democratic system of Government. The short term effects of leaving the EU will be nothing compared to the long term effects of various splinter political groups imagining that they can control Government decisions on ANY subject.

    • Mr Wilde…we have already had a second referendum on the issue! The first referendum was won by remain…67% in favour of staying in. A third referendum on the issue is quite legitimate given the blatant lies that were told by the Brexit campaign in the 2nd referendum….oh, and the alleged Russian funding of their campaign. The British people are essentially a decent bunch, they can smell a rat when it appears; and by heavens there were plenty of rats in Brexit corner. With so many young people disaffected by the current state of affairs be prepared for a massive swing to remain.

      • Herodotus are you even a British citizen or an EU fund bot. My money is on the EU funded not. For just as Russia mayor may not of involved itself in the referendum now surely the EU is involving itself in British political affairs. This is what happens when £39 billion is up in the air and the whole EU is scared shirtless if the UK leaves, as it should and as it voted for then who will pay for Junkers and Tusks massive caviar bill?
        No BREXIT has to go ahead. It was the largest democratic vote in the history of the oldest democratic national and parliament on earth. We have had a parliament for approximately 850 years longer than the EU has existed.
        The EU is a dying concept of Germanic dominance over Europe. We never voted for it in its current state. EU parliament, EU courts, EU police, EU military, EU central bank etc etc. All the mechanisms of a Greater Federal Germanic Republic. The Italians will be next to leave and I hope we support them and offer a hand of friendship when our so called friends and allies in the EU did nothing, nothing to help us or even to respect the British people’s democratically voted for wishes.
        You Heredotous are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself. I would not like to even think you were a British citizen. If you are I would imagine 70 years ago your idol would have been a chap called Herr Hitler.

        • Hitler died in 1945…70 years ago would take us back to 1948/9. The year the Soviets detonated their first A bomb. But, more importantly, the year the NHS was created thanks to the efforts of Nye Bevan….somebody worth idolising, though not too much. Not very clever…are you?

        • Dear me Mr Bell….if you are representative of the Brexit movement then God help this country. Poorly informed, intolerant, lacking in analytical skills and reliant on ill though political comparisons. I’ve been teaching history for over 20 years and, almost without exception, my teenage students are more politically cognisant and better informed than you. Bit of a silly boy really…aren’t you?

          Oh Marc….you are a twit!

          • Teaching history in Brussels by any chance?
            Yes I am aware of the starting date of the NHS. Thank you for that. I was not aware all things written on this site need to be accurate to within a few months because some super sillious prick will be analysing everything anyone says that he disagrees with. I think I am much more aware then most about the NHS seeing as, unlike a history teacher from Europe, I have actually served this country and its population faithfully both in the NHS and armed forces for over 35 years and feel nothing but hope for the UKs future outside of Europe.
            Away from individuals like Herodoutos. Ever done a days public good? Saved any lives, stood in the firing line? Nope thought not. Ever even risked your life for another human, a worthwhile cause or because it is the morally or ethically right thing to do?
            Nope thought not.
            Please do not try to criticize someone you know nothing about. If however you have done noble deeds and not just been a pen warrior, then I take it all back and will agree to disagree with you on your inflammatory remarks.

          • Hi Ding Dong…I think that you need to join an anger management course. I will put some links up on this HYS if you like. I’m afraid that care in the community isn’t working too well these days. Note to self: you must not mock the afflicted!

  4. Perhaps give Crowd Control duties to someone else, not the best history there! I think its safe to say that Bloody Sunday is stain in an otherwise fantastic and proud record for the Paras.

    • Bloody Sunday was years ago, and sad day for all concerned AFTER the lads were shot at by shooters on the roofs and at least one shooter hiding behind the crowd. The Battalions have a training ethos of controlled aggression, however public order training is exactly the same for any unit undertaking it. I think we need to think that a crowd control issue over 46 years ago isn’t exactly relevant to any current conversation in regard to possible military assistance to the civil powers now or in the near future.

      • Realistically they could calling every police officer, ever soldier every reservist. Are they seriously going to stand against +17 million British citizens who are very soon going to be demanding that parliament follow through on their votes and decision and deliver BREXIT. Leaving the festering shitheap that is the EU.
        They are going to need a lot more than one company of paras to suppress 17 million people.

        • What are you piffling abour Mr Bell? Read my response to two posts. I am saying it is NOTHING to do with BREXIT or anything other than ordianry training. Where did I say these lads are training to take on 17 million people, or where that the military are preparing to do so. Jeez it’s not that hard to understand surely. MACP is a routine thing, from building bridges in the floods in Cumbria, to putting out fires in the firestrike, to digging gigantic bloody holes and burning foot and mouth cattle, to driving fuel tankers. You know, the lads doing everyone else’s jobs when they decide not to!

          • Mr Herodotus if a 2nd referendum is called or parliament ‘postpones’ brexit try to keep your opinions to yourself for a few weeks. Either that or duck ! Genuinely friendly advice sir. For the rest of us who support leave we will find out whether this is a nation of sheep or goats.

          • Thanks for the advice David…I’m sure that it is well intentioned. Most people are capable of an intelligent debate on the issue. Only a few allow their emotional responses to cloud there judgement. For some there is a psychological issue underlying their stormy and macho responses. Almost as if their very manhood was being questioned! Nationalism unfortunately is a good breeding ground for scoundrels. Take a look at how Putin is admired in Russia. Makes them all feel like real men. As for sheep and goats….they all smell pretty bad!

    • Interesting.
      There is public disorder due to the scheming and overriding of the +17 million people that voted for BREXIT democratically.
      The police and military brutally put this disorder down with citizens of this country injured, hospitalised, arrested and imprisoned. Anyone think we are still living in a democratic country anymore?
      Answer has to be No if that is what is being planned for.
      I think the paras or any military being put in front of civilians in this country is a terrible idea. Tolpuddle martyrs, black Sunday. There are plenty of examples of how that ends. I would have to appeal to the UN stating my democratic human rights had been abused and that crimes against humanity has occured orchestrated by the British government against its own people.

      • Black Sunday? Is that like bloody Sunday but darker? Let’s get over this bloody Sunday chuff, please read my response prior, but a crowd control issue 46 years ago, where even the provos admiting having an ASU there to have a go at the troops in the ground, from a number of locations, one of which was from behind the crowd, is getting a bit long in the tooth and hardly a reason to tarnish later and current soldiers.

  5. I hope I never live to see the day British troops are deployed in Britain to deal with legitimate democratic protest. That would be a very sad day indeed.

    I don’t know if this is standard unit training practice or not, perhaps those with more knowledge can enlighten me, but if it isn’t I’m guessing that the government is regretting getting rid of those
    20,000 police officers !

    • It is routine training. Prior to taking over as lead airborne task force, all alĺocted units have a certain number of training to complete. All types of training is covered and rehearsed. The blokes will do this maybe for a day or two, rotating each rifle company though, it will be ticked off as completed and not done again all year. Nothing to do with brexit, but a badly timed bit of PR.

      • “Nothing to do with brexit, but a badly timed bit of PR.”

        I don’t want to get on the outrage bus as I see it is already full.

        But perhaps somebody thought this was a timely release for all manner of reasons?

        • Why? As if it was to have an effect on let’s say the populace, in what may or may be coming, brexit dependant, why only one rifle Company, why just a picture of a few lads stood with shields, whose Battalion has taken over the Lead Airborne task group. Why not numerous pictures, of numerous full Battalions in every Garrison? In full PPE practicing cracking skulls? Why not decent footage of the full public order package the lads go through at Thetford training area? Nah far to much overthinking by people who see the boost man around every corner.

          • Sorry Steve, reply may have came across a bit curt, using my phone to type and the predictive txt is bloody annoying me and I’m in a bit of a rush!!!! I can see where the use of a few pictures of elite units prepping for public order, could be an idea used by certain departments in HM Gov, as an attempt at a subtle threat to what may be coming, but in reality this is normal penciled in training for the lads.

  6. This has nothing to do with Brexit.

    Last year there was a similar article here about a PARA Company training for public disorder in the Balkans.

    I questioned it, wondering if it was best use of elite troops, and was corrected perfectly well by another ex military poster who explained it is routine and good for any forces to have this training.

  7. I’m with Airborne on this. A prime reason any state should have an effective and well-trained army is domestic, not foreign. They’re there for civil emergencies, earthquakes, landslides, power outages, even strikes. But they’re also there in case of civil unrest.

    Some of the rags might make more of it of course. Shrug.

  8. Paratroopers used to quell the expected violence that this government or Parliament will cause by not seeing through the vote of the majority in a lawful referendum. I still have my government propaganda booklet and it clearly says on page 3 “This is your decision. The Government will implement your decision”.

    I don’t know about Scotland or Northern Ireland, but many towns in England will erupt.

    Troops should not be used to bring about the government’s wishes as the French government has done with the Yellow Jacket protests. The love and total respect the Army has with the people will be lost overnight.

    • Other rifle companies rotate through to throw the potatoes and petrol bombs! Not enough troops at the mo to get a dedicated unit, off normal tasks, to play opfor.

  9. I will be shocked if article 50 is not at least extended beyond march. It looks like the different sides are getting a little closer to blinking first as we approach the deadline but if it is extended it will be interesting to see if those that back brexit will have the nerve to orchestrate protests and civil disobedience on the level the French seem to do every time the government announces a tax hike or a reduction in state benefits.

    • Hmmm…no doubt some far right groups might try to orchestrate some mayhem. But I doubt that it will garner much support. As Billy Bragg wrote ‘moderation is at the heart of the nation’. I took part in the mass demonstration for a second referendum last summer; over 3/4m protesters on the streets from all over the country. The atmosphere was wonderful and the behaviour impeccable.

      • Heroditus, my behaviour was even more impeccable. I didn’t march at all, I was content with the outcome of the largest exercise in democratic process in our history. I suggest that, while you and your friends on the far-left are entitled to continue to hold an opposing belief, that you accept the result of that fair and open exercise.

        • You can suggest all you like Derek. Asking the British people whether they still want Brexit after the hash that this government has made of it is perfectly reasonable and democratic. It’s strange that on the one-hand I am accused of being a Nazi supporter and on the other as being on the far left….there are a lot of politically illiterate people out there. I am a life-long Labour voter however, I shall be voting Lib-Dem this time as I don’t think that Corbyn is PM material. He has sat on the fence over Brexit when he should have shown leadership…one way or the other. I can’t help but feel that there are a lot of Brexiteers out there that a very worried….hysterical outbursts, veiled threats of violence and disorder. I don’t need lessons on democracy from people like that!

          • Herodotus, being accused of being on the far left, whilst at the same time being accused as a Nazi, is not as politically illiterate as it might seem. Nazism, after all, started life as a National Socialist Workers Party. If you consider the political spectrum as circular rather than linear, then the far right and far left meet at the highest point of opposition of dissidence, anti-democracy, oppression of freedom of expression and suppressive intolerance. In a free society, ALL opinion should be permitted but not necessarily agreed with.

          • There is a little truth in what you have written, but it is a little too simplistic. Totalitarianism is a feature of many despotic regimes; just look at some countries in Africa today. Russia and Germany were one party states that, for a time, promoted personality cults. Whilst socialism is a fully developed ideology the same cannot be said of National Socialism in Germany. The National Socialist German Workers Party was actually none of those things, other than nationalist! Nazi ideology, such as it was, was an incoherent and often contradictory collection of borrowed ideas and Germanic myths. Take economic matters for instance, whilst radical socialism demands ownership of the means of production, National Socialist doctrine was pretty inchoate…in fact, Hitler took an instrumental view of the economy; as long as it did what he wanted it to do, he didn’t give a damn how it was run. There are similarities between the two ideologies, but you could say the same for any ideologies. To suggest that they can be mistaken for each other is stretching credulity. By the way you have, like Ding Dong, added 2 plus 2 and come up with 5. Because I quoted a rather beautiful Billy Bragg song I am, therefore, a radical socialist. I like Richard Wagner’s music too…does that make me an anti-Semite? By the way, I was not comparing you to the insulting (though probably well intentioned) Mr Bell.

  10. I would say to these serviceman and to the police CHOOSE YOUR SIDE
    Remember its the public that pays your wages
    Remember lads that you too are a human being and have rights too
    Think about it very carefully
    You too had a vote in this ref if you were of the correct age to vote at the time
    Remember the last time we had someone overideing the will of the people ?
    four years of civil war and the loser had his head cut off (theres loads of contenders this time)

    • A bit gloomy Barry…anyway it’s a bit hard to determine the ‘will of the people’ in the 1640s. Less than 2% of the population had the vote! I don’t think that Oliver’s Army is about to return anytime soon especially after he banned Christmas.

  11. Seriously though Chaps, Do we really have to do this here ? Surely It’s not going to get us anywhere and don’t you all think there Is enough Politics going on as It Is on the News, In the Papers, Farcebook, Twatter and Witherspoons ?

    I much prefer the normal Defence related Banter, personally, that’s why I choose to type Gibberish here rather than anywhere Else.

    Love you all XXXX.

  12. Slightly off thread, but did not know where else to put it.
    The defensenews website is showing the new Sig medium machine gun for US SOCCOM in .338 Norma Magnum. Designed to fill the gap between 7.62×51 & .50 Browning.
    Anyone know why it is not in .338 Lapua magnum, like most of the free world sniper rifles?


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