AERALIS, the new British company developing military trainer aircraft, is working closely with leading defence firms to ensure that it can deliver the advanced training required for sixth-generation fighter jets, say the company.

The United States, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, China and Russia have already announced the development of a sixth-generation aircraft program.

Whilst these conceptual aircraft of the future will undoubtedly share many of the stealth and other technologies of fifth-generation aircraft like the F-35, their evermore complex sensor, communication and weapons systems are certain to place even greater demands on the pilot, making training those pilots even more challenging.

According to the firm in a release:

“In order to manage increasing amounts of data at the same time as flying the aircraft, sixth-generation pilots are set to become increasingly interoperable with the aircraft itself. The integration between human and machine will be one of the dominant features in sixth-generation fighter jet development.

Much of the required skills can be learnt in a benign classroom or simulator environment but the AERALIS training aircraft will enable trainee pilots to bring all the elements together – receiving, interpreting and reporting information whilst flying in possibly poor weather conditions or over difficult terrain.

By incorporating in-cockpit monitoring tools that can track eye movements and measure stress levels in a number of different ways, AERALIS will be able not only to facilitate the training of individual pilots but also build an anonymised database that will significantly enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of future pilot training programmes.”

Tim Davies, AERALIS Strategy Director, commented:

“Whilst, concepts and designs for the next generation of combat aircraft are still being formulated, debated and tested, the AERALIS Training System is leading the way in putting the pilot first and maximising his or her ability to fly and operate increasingly complex aircraft in preparation for the next evolution in combat aircraft system design.”

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I wonder when we will see a working model, the government should get right behind these guys, it could be just as successful as the Hawk. These guys better stay british…


Well hopefully this will be a new British Aircraft manufacturer in the ring. Hopefully this opens up a British alternative for the eventual Hawk replacement, and maybe even the Tucano/Texan replacement as they are creating a basic fast jet training variant!


CGI, Make Believe, believe It when I see It ……


Yup! I agree!


Why do I expect anytime soon to hear this project becoming a joint venture with another nation? Because the idea of it being a British only project seems to be fairyland to me. I blame the UK media who instill this cynical attitude to any Britsh venture. Maybe it’s time to change such mindsets?


Agreed despite our brilliant expertise at the high end of technology the public have been programmed to unquestionably see anything British as inferior. What other country would allow its technology posterboy to be Alan Sugar rather than the creators of Arm for example. I even remember when Steve Jobs died he was taxied around the newsrooms for his reaction trumpeted as Britains answer to the great man. Would love to have heard Siir Herman Hauser or Sophie Wilson’s reaction to that extreme insult to Britains innovation leaders. We are our own worst enemy.


yup there is a mindset in this nation for some reason that despite being one of the most powerful and influential nation on earth, with 1st class industries(although severely diminished since the ‘good old days’), is incapable of achieving anything without the help of other nations! We can’t do stuff ourselves apparently, we have to be attached to some other nation or group, if we even consider going into something alone or bettering ourselves on the world stage it is met with scrutiny and cynicism for even suggesting that this nation is capable of slightly greater things! The self loathing… Read more »


Yes, we think alike. Those smug media political corsipondents are full of self-importance, who love to sign off with hints of doubt, kill most projects from day one. If reporting on this particular story would end by saying, ‘Looks good, but for how much longer?’ One foot forward and two back?

James M

They’re aiming to have a fuselage demonstrator by DSEI 2019, so maybe a flying prototype by late 2020?