Airbus has won a £3.3 million contract to equip Royal Air Force A400M transport aircraft with an important data security system. Airbus has has previously supplied a similar system for the Typhoon.

The contract covers design and delivery of the system with an additional range of options to extend the support up until 2020.

The company said in a statement at DSEi Monday:

“The Cryptographic solution will be supplied to the A400M military transport aircraft program to provide protection for encrypted data and prevent data compromise threatening the safety and security of an aircraft’s mission.

Cryptographic technology eliminates the need for crypto equipment aboard an airborne platform to be individually re-keyed before every mission. It provides increased flexibility and permits prolonged out-of-area operation.

Crypto and Key Management secures the communications and other systems of an aircraft and our technology will play a role in providing protection for encrypted data across key military platforms. The Airbus cyber security UK team is now in discussions with other MoD platform IPTs about building after delivering Cryptography and Key Management capability to in-service platforms.”

The company hope secure additional orders for other British aircraft types.

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