People will be able to step on board over the weekend of the 29th of February, the first time one of the new aircraft carriers has been open to the public.

According to the Royal Navy in a news release:

“Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales will visit Liverpool later this month in a demonstration of the Naval Service’s close ties with the city. The second of the Royal Navy’s giant new aircraft carriers will arrive in the city on 28 February for a week-long visit packed with celebrations and engagement with the local community.”

Captain Darren Houston, the Commanding Officer of HMS Prince of Wales, said:

“My ship’s company and I are hugely excited about our first visit to Liverpool. This is an opportunity for us to cement our bond with the city as one of the newest warships in the Royal Navy’s fleet. We’re looking forward to hosting people from the local community on board during our time alongside, and I know we will receive the warmest of welcomes.”

Deputy Mayor and Liverpool City Council’s cabinet member for culture, tourism and events, Councillor Wendy Simon, said:

“It’s a huge coup for Liverpool to welcome its affiliated ship HMS Prince of Wales on its inaugural, history-making visit. The sheer scale of the ship will be a real spectacle on the River Mersey and is set to attract national and international attention, drawing massive crowds. Maritime events always prove to be hugely popular in Liverpool, and this will be no exception. Once again our world heritage waterfront will provide the incredible backdrop for a striking vessel, and we look forward to welcoming her at the end of the month.”

Exact timings for the ship’s arrival in Liverpool, and details of how to obtain tickets to visit the ship, will be announced by the Royal Navy in due course, we’ll keep you updated.

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So Liverpool won’t be getting a T26 name.


You can just see the pictures now the PoW propped up on four stacks of concrete blocks and her propellers being nicked .

Actually I think it is good PR by the navy ,good recruiting ground lots of smart young people in liverpool and the wirral.

Steve Salt

My pal serving with 849 sqn in Illustrious did a port to visit to Liverpool several years ago, on departure they found they were missing 2 coils of rope and the ships bell from the welcome hatch.

Henry Root

Still a better result than the Falklands. Would you like to publish the source of this hearsay.


Don’t forget about the “incident” on-board Illustrious, by those RAF types having a bit of a wheeze!

Steve Salt

Publish the source ? Its a humourous anecdote told to me by a serving member of the FAA relevant to the thread I thought. Perhaps youre being a tad over sensitive ?

Alan boon

That remark needs to be removed it’s close to being racist
Same old joke at the great city of Liverpool and us Scouser s so F off with remarks like that


Spare the usual tripe about Liverpool lads. Take a look at the national numbers first.


I take it Charlie you did not read the rest of my post ?

Or are you just lacking a sense of humour?

Henry Root

Homeless veterans are dying Liverpool. We lack a sense of humour on this one.

Henry Root



Homeless veterans are dying everywhere Henry.

Did not take long for the liverpool victim mentality to bubble to the surface.

Henry Root

Great help to Liverpool you were there. I guess you don’t need to eat a foodbank.

Dave in Pompey

I wish we’d have had an open day in Pompey since they arrived. Still waiting!!! 🙁


I wish they’d do a full tour of U.K. ports. Expensive but amazing PR (ulterior motive – would love to see it on the Humber).

Mike the shipyard

She is affiliated with Liverpool & Bristol … but with a 10mtr draft she will on fit in a small number ports around the UK … even Portsmouth had to be specially dredged


This is an opportunity that I for one am going to get on board with ( pun intended ). Really can’t wait, been dying to see our new Aircraft carriers up close but know a chance to get a look around the ship this truly is a once in a lifetime opp…


Yeah think I’ll be tempted to make the trip to Liverpool too!!


Me too !

Henry Root

For me, best gig in the Royal Navy is the Swordfish hangar at HMS Heron.

Henry Root

We are the only government in the world to own and operate biplanes listed on active service. Meanwhile in Liverpool…


Believe affiliate cities often help fund recreational spaces. I personally look forward to seeing the Chief Petty Officers’ Mess decked out like the Cavern Club.

Barn dance esque mess a la The Wurzels for the Junior Rates from Bristol?

Mike the shipyard

The officers Ward room and vip cabins were paid for by Liverpool & Bristol business donations


Aye I know Mike from speaking with the Ship Staff. Bad attempt at humour on my part.

Know on Lizzie the Chiefs mess got a refurb paid for by a brewery. Think it was the stokers who had the best “homemade” as they had a former kitchen fitter in their number who did a great job.


Its a cracking run ashore. I was born there and for many years crew mates would rag us scallies about the city being full of thieving scousers etc etc. I have been on ships doing the Battle of the Atlantic celebrations and Tall ships and stopping there for close to affiliated towns ( Bolton) and every time we left everyone wanted to go back for another run. My defining memory is arriving outside a city centre pub in a fire engine, with the lights going as we couldn’t get a taxi and the local brigade who where visiting the mess… Read more »

Henry Root

Liverpool is one of the busiest locations in the world for Save The Children. Many veterans are on the street, many people are relying on foodbanks, which are proliferating. Teachers in Liverpool are handing out sanitary towels and lunch money. There was the kid in Liverpool, forfeiting lunch so his mother could eat. The Royal Navy have had absolutely nothing to do with this, but Boris’s dad is not going to let you help. Oh, you didn’t know. Boris’s dad is now foreign secretary, passing messages to the Chinese. I doubt he even has DBS clearance, let alone NSVS clearance.… Read more »


The story that veterans are on the streets is just pure fantasy. Sure, there may be some but it’s not a national crisis. This fallacy is pushed by unscrupulous charities for cash injections. Up until recently I ran a veterans org and we conducted numerous academic studies, worked with the office of national statistics and vetted veterans homeless charities. One even told us they got their stats from a daily mirror article! If there are some dossing on the streets it’s because they have chosen to be there. There are so many places they can go if they are struggling… Read more »

Henry Root

You’re insulting yourself. Google “Homeless Veteran Liverpool”. This one shows the general attitude problem there and here. If anything you said is true, why are Save The Children busy in Liverpool. Why is David Clapson dead? Denying veterans and their suffering is unbelievable on your part. The DWP admitted to TheGuardian themselves, they sanctioned 650,000 in 2012, of which they later admitted 75% were innocent. 10,000 people died in 10 months as a result. Of course some were terminally ill, but many were veterans, including Clapson, many were in Liverpool. I try to leave you guys alone to have… Read more »

Henry Root

I don’t know if you’re the types to call Corbyn a “traitor” or remainers “traitors”, but I think you’ll find, while Stanley Johnson is running around without DBS/NSVS clearance, Penny Mordaunt was fired, Gav Williamson opening his mouth and the tabloids calling democrats “traitors”, that you are just another piece of flotsam and jetsam in the whirlwind of crud. Did the Royal Navy plan to do ANYTHING for homeless vets while in Liverpool. Did they plan to show strength and solidarity to those being abused by fireworks on the streets. Perhaps you would like to go to youtube and watch… Read more »

Henry Root

I was funded by The Scarman Trust and Brent Council and about 40+ other non-profits or charities. Doesn’t make me an expert. I’m pleased to hear you are community-minded, hence why there is zero tolerance to divisive talk when it comes to Liverpool, or trying to deny there’s any homeless vets in Liverpool, or who might be responsible for the unprecedented rise in that. I represented the Red Cross, RSPCA, I was in-house for guide dogs, I’ve worked for over 40 national charities, plus around the same number of local ones. You and I are not the experts, just because… Read more »

Henry Root

The armed forces will never be full strength if the armed forces are on the Daily Mail and TheSun, or anywhere, taking the mick out of the 48% in any way, shape or form, let alone calling remainers traitors, or Corbyn a terrorist. How did a video of the Paras shooting Corbyn targets surface in TheSun. Literally shooting yourselves in the foot. Anyone with a brain cell would not want to join, if taking the mick out the UK’s biggest poverty zone is fun.


Good for you Henry…you seem to have shut the gobs a few of the more right-wing contributors to this site. Makes a bloody change!


You have zero idea about what the RN and its people do when visiting towns and city’s in the UK or abroad because most of the time it goes unreported but it happens all the same. Right Pin out. I was born in Liverpool. I joined the mob at 16 because the place in the late 70s and 80s was a disaster zone. On one side Thatcher and the other Deggsy and Militant. Has the place improved since then ? Damn right it has but the issues you highlight are not exclusive to Liverpool. Pick any village, town or city… Read more »

Steve Salt

Wow ! What a stunning piece, you should be running RN recruitment. Join the the Royal Navy and make a difference !
I take my hat off to you.


Catching up on my UKDJ reading. Well said Guns.

Henry Root

Reading the comments, I wonder whose side they are on.

Henry Root

The ship’s Captain should reach out to the vets in Liverpool that are homeless, on ESA, or UC, or disabled, for whatever reason. It would be fantastic to show what matters.

Ian Duncan Smith’s policies have ravaged Liverpool. The ex-soldier whose welfare policy killed more ex-armed forces than the enemy. Statistics don’t lie and actions speak louder than words.

The vets should be the priority here.

Henry Root

If the RN really wants recruits, it will need to learn to accept that austerity exists, that homeless vets have died at the hand of Ian Duncan Smith and Esther McVey policy change, which, let me point out, cost more in the end. Also your social media comments are terrible and stupid sometimes. Joking about Liverpool. Not a great advert for joining. How do you know when an F-35 pilot is in the room. He tells you. You guys are searching your butts too much. The UK is in a sorry state and so are some vets. The Royal Navy… Read more »


would be nice if they do something like this around the country,obviously given the size the ship not all ports can cater but it would be nice to see her visit the north east at some point