Loganair flight LM427 squawked code ‘7700’ after leaving Glasgow airport this evening before turning back and returning to the airport.

The Open Source Intelligence Twitter account SkyWatcher Intel followed the event earlier, if you don’t follow them then I’d suggest you go do that now.

I have contacted Loganair for more information.

What is the significance of “Squawking 7700”?

Captain Hoke is a Boeing 757/767 captain for a package express airline and also runs the website AeroSavvy, he had this to say.

“Declaring an emergency means the crew determines they have an “urgency” or “distress” situation. “Urgency” means the crew is concerned about the safety of the flight and needs timely (but not necessarily immediate) assistance. A “distress” condition means that the flight is in serious and/or imminent danger and requires immediate assistance.”

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Ian M

That tartan tail is quite distressing:-)

Daniele Mandelli

I like it myself!

I did not know of this 7700. Interesting.

Ian M

Bit like the “dazzle” cam on a 1st WW ship? Apparently it’s a real tartan: Tartan Details – Loganair
The information held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for the “Loganair” tartan is shown below.

STA ref: 1629
STWR ref: 1629
Designer: Not Specified
Tartan date: 01/01/1988
Registration date: This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans.
Category: Corporate
Registration notes: Skirt used by hostesses on Logan air, till 1988, when the uniform was changed. Scottish Tartans Society archive.

Who knew?

Daniele Mandelli

When I was a “Trolley Dolly” on Caledonian Airways the girls wore lovely Tartan 🙂 No idea what type it was!

Expat Alien

Very fond memories of BCal trooping flights to Hong Kong. Was led to believe that the Scottish stewardesses were encouraged to wear their clan tartan


Taste is so subjective! I rather like it!

Won’t be song it for much longer as the SAAB 340B are being replaced with ATR42 and ATR72. This should significantly improve availability as they will be new build rather than second hand.

It will be sad to see them go, I rather enjoyed my flights in them for work. I won’t miss the delays due to them going technical!

Rob N

Why is this story here? It does not appear to be defence related…

Ian M

Maybe Logan Air planes are “Q” planes for the SNP?