Supercarrier USS Nimitz will participate in a composite training unit exercise, otherwise known as ‘COMPTUEX’.

‘COMPTUEX’, say the U.S. Navy, is an intensive exercise designed to fully integrate units of a carrier strike group, while testing a strike group’s ability as a whole to carry out sustained combat operations from the sea.

“Ships, squadrons and staff will be tested across every core warfare area within their mission sets through a variety of simulated and live events, including air warfare, strait transits, and responses to surface and subsurface contacts and electronic attacks. Carrier strike groups are capable of deploying anywhere in the world on short notice to answer the nation’s call and support its partners and allies in order to ensure maritime security and stability.”

Taking advantage of lessons learned, Nimitz completed a 27-day quarantine period and tested all hands for COVID-19 prior to departure to ensure the crew was healthy and ready to conduct operations at sea.

“Dealing with the challenges of the COVID pandemic has been difficult, so I’m very pleased that our mitigation efforts have put us in a position to get underway,” said Capt. Max Clark, commanding officer.

“We are all looking forward to training and operating again. I give the crew all the credit. From the beginning, they have done all that I and Navy leadership have asked them to do — face coverings, social distancing, continuous ship sanitization, testing and periods of quarantine; all executed with precision and professionalism. Without their hard work and personal sacrifices, getting this warship out to sea would not have been possible. And I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge our Navy families that serve as our bedrock of support.”

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