A defence analyst has suggested Russian airstrikes in Syria are not hurting Islamic State but are actually helping the group.

Justin Bronk, speaking to the Express, said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bombing campaign is actually “helping ISIS because they are attacking in very concentrated fashion moderate rebel groups that the US backs.”

Bronk, research analyst at the Royal United Service Institute, said only 5 percent of Russia’s more than 600 bombing sorties had hit ISIS positions.

It has been claimed that around 5 percent of Russian strikes have hit Islamic State, a claim backed up by analysis of open source intelligence provided by many sources.

This comes as Islamist State militants launched a rare attack inside Kurdish northern Iraq November 3, briefly taking over a local government compound near several producing oil fields.

Kurds previously had largely prevented IS incursions into their autonomous territory.

Security sources said suicide bombers blew themselves up at key checkpoints, clearing the way for three other militants to enter the compound in Dibis, 30 miles south of Irbil.

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Howie Elliott

of course they are as they are targetting opponents of Assad….

Assad Riaz

By they way Who are they ?
Like USA help opponents of kadaffi? Is Libya safe place now ?

Mike Dyke


No, Help the ISIS is the USA job..kkk

Read the article champ.

UK Defence Journal read before commenting and my opinion is the same. USA are helping ISIS. Russia is helping Assad who is against ISIS and FSA (USA call FSA moderate what a joke… hezbollah now is moderate…kkk) USA dont do nothing to stop ISIS in Iraq and tons off USA weapons now is in the ISIS hands. Who is helping who…

James Gale

Silly boy Joao you have absolutely no idea about what is going on out there now do you. So please explain to me how ongoing airstrikes on IS positions is actually assisting them you numpty

just a russian internet fanboy

James Gale they are helping ISIS when they do nothing to stop then on IRAQ, Explain you to me what the strategy in left the isis take Mosul and leave 2300 hunvees and other weapons. Iraq is influence area of USA, If they realy want to stop ISIS they can, but don t do nothing. Iam not a fanboy of Russia, they ara suporting Assad but to me is more logical to suport Assad fighting FSA and ISIS like Russia, USA is doing nothing or almost anything against ISIS to let then figth Assad, To me is a stupid strategy.… Read more »

Kieran Locke I can argue but you smell like a USA cock suker to me. …kk

James Gale

So you do understand 2 wars were fought and Telic in 2003 ousted a dictator and there were training teams involved. New equipment for the Iraqi army and proper training and you claim it is our fault that the Iraq Army were next to useless and capitulated despite all this? That they are so tribal in their caste system it is Middle Ages. So everytime a ME country gets into trouble we have to ride back in again and sort the mess out?
Your logic is pure genius!

Assad Riaz

You failed to mention who is air dropping arms to terrorist? He who helping !

Ian Petrie

You mean Daesh?