Argentine defence minister Agustin Rossi has announced that negotiations for new jets are under way, but will be left to the next government to purchase.


  1. it,s not surprising when kirchner or what ever you call her has embezzled the countries money,on stuff like botox and other stupid things along with not paying hedge funds etc..her and her husband really screwed argentina,which maybe a good thing where the falkland islands are concerned,but bad for their own citizens that pay the taxes…

  2. As I said yesterday, you have to worry about China, Russia and Korea. Argentina is not a military threat to you. We have very serious internal problems, we are living a civilian dictatorship

  3. With zero equipment,air force way out of date,workers lay off,ships and aircraft dcomissione and military in a right mess and bankrupt alround..So wherever the cash will come from for rearm only god knows.argentina should now inform by official letter from argentine president to Mr Cameron.Inform the british goverment that they will no longer state a claim on falklands..This is to take immediate effect,officially that ARGENTINA WILL NOT OR NEVER WILL EVER STAKE A CLAIM ON THE FALKLANDS.sign to that as no funds available for equipment.


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