A serviceman was threatened with a knife by two attackers outside RAF Marham in what Norfolk Constabulary have described as an “attempted abduction”

The victim was not in uniform at the time of the incident, and was not injured during the attack.

The attackers attempted to force the airman into a dark people carrier before fleeing the scene. The incident occurred around 3:00pm on Wednesday.

Detective Superintendent Paul Durham, heading the Major Investigation Team, said:

“I can confirm we are treating this as an attempted abduction and detailed enquiries are being carried out at the scene to establish the full circumstances.

“The motivation for the attack remains unclear at this time, and whilst we are currently unable to discount terrorism, there are a number of other possible hypotheses. We are therefore carrying out a thorough investigation to understand what has happened, why and who is responsible.

“Visible patrols continue in the area and officers will be carrying out house-to-house enquiries and detailed searches of the scene in Squires Hill, which remains closed for the time being.”

RAF Marham is home to the RAF’s Tornado GR4 Force, currently engaged in coalition missions in the Middle East. The base is currently being expanded, in preparation for the arrival of the F-35 Lightning Force. The MOD announced a £300m investment in infrastructure in and around the base to support the new fighters.

Personnel at the base have been warned not to wear uniforms when travelling alone after the incident.

The Metropolitan Police say they are “aware” of the incident but were unable to comment on whether they believed there was a terrorist link. Media commentators have drawn parallels between the incident and the 2013 murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich.


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Dave S
Dave S
5 years ago

The enemy within.

Mark Ayshford
5 years ago

Chris, have you heard about this? ?

Chris Webb
5 years ago
Reply to  Mark Ayshford

Mark, yes Dean gave me a heads up last night. He’d heard through some grapevine. I’m away at home at the moment, so not sure what reaction has been like on base

Steven K
5 years ago

Are UK playing catch up here? I know US forces are strongly advised against wearing uniforms given current climate of US relations around the world and it would seem common sense that UK forces would follow given yhr tragic incident of Lee Rigby.

The UK has got to up the ante in its aggressiveness to its security measures as this is unacceptable.

Nathan Rowbotham
5 years ago

On a side note…. am really liking that picture of the Tornado! Little jealous of whoever got to take that picture