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J. Vitor Tossini

Vitor is a doctoral student of International Relations at the Sao Paulo State University. He also explores British imperial and military history, and its legacies to the modern world.

A Guide to British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean

Britain is responsible for the defence, security and diplomatic relations of five territories in the Caribbean. These territories are the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands.

British Forces in Nigeria – A Long Partnership in West Africa

Britain's partnership with Nigeria provides the Nigerian Armed Forces with the necessary skills to tackle and defeat terrorist organisations and also aid to thousands of displaced civilians.

Britain in Bahrain – A Permanent British Base in the Persian Gulf

HMS Juffair, Britain's first permanent naval base in the Gulf since 1971, will soon enhance the capabilities of the British forces in the region and receive the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

Britain and Sierra Leone – Military Partnership in West Africa

One of Britain's closest partners in Africa, Sierra Leone saw the arrival of British troops to help end a civil war and recently to tackle the Ebola outbreak.

The British Forces in Africa – The Training Unit in Kenya

The British presence in Kenya is essential to improve the capabilities of the British Forces in arid terrain and for future deployments in similar environments.

The Five Power Defence Arrangements

The FPDA brings five Commonwealth members together.

The UK in the Far East – The Relevance of the British Forces in...

Britain's foothold in the Far East plays an important role for British interests in the region amidst growing tensions over the South China Sea.