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Samuel is a defence commentator with a particular interest in the South Pacific.

French Rafale fighters to embark on US supercarrier

French Rafale M fighters will make an unusual addition to the flight deck of the USS George H. W. Bush as France looks to boost military cooperation with the United States. 

Australia warned it risks ‘Mad Max world’ without strategic fuel reserve

'Australia could barely last nineteen days in a crisis', is the damning assessment of experts looking into the country’s current system of fuel reserves.

RFA, FAA and RAN team up for major drugs bust in the Arabian Sea

A joint operation by British auxiliary RFA Fort Rosalie and the Australian frigate HMAS Warramunga has seen over 3.5 tonnes of illicit narcotics seized in the Arabian Sea.

Border Force may use volunteers to help guard Britain’s borders

The Home Office is reportedly discussing plans to establish a volunteer contingent within the Border Force along the lines of the police special constabularies to help secure Britain’s border. 

Canada looks to second conversion to meet auxiliary needs

Canada is considering leasing and converting a second auxiliary tanker to help bridge the gap until its long overdue Joint Support Ship project comes into fruition. 

Australia to withdraw Super Hornets from strike missions in Iraq and Syria

The Australian Government has announced that it will be withdrawing its deployed fighter contingent of six F/A-18F Super Hornets from the Middle East in January following the successful liberation of Iraq from Daesh.

Quorn and Atherstone bow out in Portsmouth

In a quiet ceremony in Portsmouth on Thursday two more Royal Navy minehunters joined a long list of their predecessors to be ‘salami-sliced’.

Stoltenberg to head NATO until 2020

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is to remain at the helm of the NATO alliance for a further two years, extending his term until late 2020.

Argentine Submarine Missing off Patagonia Coast

Argentine air and sea assets are conducting search and rescue operations after it lost contact with one of its submarines in the San Jorge Gulf some 432km (268 miles) off the nation’s east coast. 

Long delayed HMAS Hobart finally enters service

The Royal Australian Navy has commissioned the first of three new Air Warfare Destroyers, HMAS Hobart, in a traditional ceremony in Sydney.