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Samuel is a defence commentator with a particular interest in the South Pacific.

HMS Gleaner returns to Portsmouth for final survey ahead of carrier arrival

HMSML Gleaner has left Jersey after her final visit to the islands with the vessel scheduled to be decommissioned at the end of the year.

British Army supports flood relief efforts in New Zealand

A reconnaissance team from the British Army have found themselves assisting with flood relief work in Otago Province on New Zealand’s South Islands after a major storm hit the area.

Canberra class vessels return to service after propulsion issues fixed

The Australian Department of Defence has confirmed that its two Canberra class amphibious assault ships are operational.

Australia considers increase to Afghanistan deployment

The Australian Government is currently considering a request from NATO to increase its deployment to Afghanistan due to the growing threat of Islamic State.

Falklands Air-Bridge suspended after Ascension runway closed

Flights to Ascension Island, the key midway point in the Falklands Air Bridge, were suspended following reported issues with the airport’s runway.

Singapore planning to base F-15 squadron in New Zealand

The Singaporean government has reportedly earmarked the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base at Ohakea, on New Zealand’s North Island, as a potential overseas base for one of its F-15 squadrons.

Australia concludes major maritime exercise off the coast of Perth

The Royal Australian Navy and its international partners are returning to port after several weeks of successful exercises and wargames off the coast of Western Australia.

What is the ‘virtual shipbuilding strategy’?

As attention turns to the impending release of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the term 'virtual shipbuilding strategy' has gained traction.

America increases presence in South Korea as SECDEF makes first visit

The US Pacific Command has announced the deployment of additional fighter jets to South Korea.