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Samuel is a defence commentator with a particular interest in the South Pacific.

Fallon announces new medal for operations in Syria and Iraq

The Defence Secretary has announced that a new campaign medal will be awarded to recognise the current operations in Iraq and Syria.

Australia launches public request for assistance with war crimes investigation

The Australian Army is broadening its investigation into alleged unlawful activities conducted by its soldiers during operations in Afghanistan.

Australia deploys naval task group on Asian tour amidst regional tension

Australia has deployed its largest naval task force since the 1980s on a nearly three-month tour of Asia to shore up support with key allies during a period of tension in the region.

Crashed Osprey recovered from seabed off Australia as investigations continue

Investigations into the MV-22B Osprey crash that claimed the lives of three US Marines last month are continuing as the aircraft’s wreckage finally arrived in Australia after being recovered from the seabed. 

Vietnamese Army trains to relieve British Army in South Sudan

The Vietnamese Army is to deploy to South Sudan, relieving British peacekeeping forces, in the Asian nation’s first major international peacekeeping contribution. 

Details released on HMS Gleaner replacement

The replacement for HMSML Gleaner has been confirmed as one of the series of new workboats announced earlier this month in a £48 million contract.

Singapore and Australia sign new treaty to keep flight training in Western Australia

Australia and Singapore have reaffirmed an agreement allowing the Singaporean Air Force to conduct fighter training in Western Australia.

Latest rotation of minehunters arrive in Gulf

The Royal Navy has maintained its commitment to mine clearance operations in Gulf as the latest rotation of vessels take up station supporting Op Kipion for the next three years.

New Zealand moves forward with investigations into hosting Singaporean F-15s

New Zealand is moving forward with investigating proposals to host Singaporean fighter jets at its airbases, with a contingent of jets to deploy to RNZAF Ohakea for a month-long trial. 

Mounts Bay heads to Montserrat for disaster relief exercise

RFA Mounts Bay is flying the flag across the Caribbean as she heads into Montserrat to continue a series of training exercises and goodwill visits as part of the standing Atlantic Patrol Task (North) (APT (N)).