BAE Systems and GlobalFoundries (GF) have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing the supply of critical semiconductors for national security programmes.

The companies will align their technology roadmaps and collaborate on long-term strategies to increase U.S. semiconductor innovation and manufacturing, with the goal of advancing the ecosystem for the domestic fabrication and packaging of secure chips and solutions for aerospace and defence systems, according to a press release.

Under this new agreement, BAE Systems and GF will focus on long-term planning for emerging technologies and joint research and development in areas such as advanced semiconductor packaging and integration, gallium nitride on silicon chips, silicon photonics, and advanced technology process development.

The collaboration builds on the existing relationship between the two companies, combining BAE Systems’ expertise in microelectronics for critical defence systems with GF’s capabilities as a leading high-volume semiconductor manufacturer.

Terry Crimmins, president of BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems sector, highlighted the importance of a secure supply chain for national security, stating, “Our leadership in microelectronics for critical defence systems is predicated on a reliable and secure supply chain and the availability of trusted, uncompromised semiconductors. This new collaboration with GlobalFoundries, with its expertise in secure chip manufacturing, is imperative for BAE Systems to advance the overmatch thresholds of technologies, stay ahead of the increasingly complex defence environment, and enable creative solutions to mitigate the growing challenges to both the integrity of microelectronics and their associated supply chains.”

Dr. Thomas Caulfield, president and CEO of GF, expressed the company’s commitment to strengthening the semiconductor supply chain, saying, “GF is committed to strengthening the semiconductor supply chain for national security and innovating to meet the future needs of the aerospace and defence sector. We are proud to deepen our strategic relationship with BAE Systems, and further strengthen supply chain resiliency. Together, we will accelerate the research and development of a new generation of essential technologies and securely manufacture essential chips for a diverse range of critical defence applications.”

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Bringer of facts
Bringer of facts (@guest_828389)
17 days ago

The UK government needs to get its act together on this one. We have around 12 domestic chip manufacturers left. Other countries such as the US, France, and Germany are all putting up big government money to re-establish manufacturing. It has the negative effect of tempting our domestic manufacturers to set up operations abroad.

FormerUSAF (@guest_828441)
17 days ago

Hmmm…would presume BAES (and other primes), at a minimum, will form R&D joint ventures/alliances w/ UK chip manufacturers to participate in multiple AUKUS Pillar 2 initiatives (e.g., AI, Quantum Computing, etc.). HMG will be pulling multiple levers, principally through the power of the purse. ,🤔