BAE Systems has received a five-year, $77.5 million contract to perform interim support work on amphibious combat vehicles built for U.S. Marine Corps’ ship-to-shore deployment operations.

The company’s land and armaments business will provide spare parts and test equipment to USMC repair vehicle components under the indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract, the Department of Defense said Thursday.

The U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command will obligate funds upon issuance of each delivery order and expects work to conclude by January 2026.

Seventy percent of work will take place in York, Pennsylvania, and the remaining 30 percent will occur in South Carolina, Michigan and Virginia.

The BAE-Iveco Defence Vehicles team won USMC’s $1.2 billion ACV programme in June 2018 and received the green light to commence full-rate production in December 2020.

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John Hartley

I wonder if the USMC will get round to a version with the new 50mm Bushmaster cannon?


Going to need something seeing as they are getting rid of their tanks, reduce the number of infantry battalions from 24 to 21 (cutting 12,000 personnel in total) , cut its artillery batteries from 21 to 5; cut amphibious vehicle companies from 6 to 4; and reduce tilt rotor, attack, and heavy lift squadrons and looking at possible reductions to its F-35 orders.

Last edited 1 month ago by farouk

The reductions are good for the USMC. Will allow them to put more money toward buying new equipment such as HIRMARs, carry out larger and more complex training scenarios and spend more money on researching new technologies. USMC getting rid of tanks was probably the best thing they could have ever done. They only have one range in the entire Corps where they could actually fire them (29 Palms, California), and tanks have a lot of logistical needs too. Tanks do not fit well into the commandants vision of a quick, island seizing campaign. The air reductions are more than… Read more »

Sean Crowley

The image is in Australian camouflage , have heard the new amphibious vehicle requirement but just on the specs seemed more a tractor than this design .


Good point, I wonder if this was from the land 400 competition that boxer eventually won, or do the Australians have a requirement for an amphibious 8 wheeled apc as well.

Sean Crowley

There is a new vehicle being sought but what it is replacing is equivalent to the Duck and that is entirely logistics .