BAE Systems has been selected to provide its ‘LiteHUD’ head-up display for Textron AirLand’s multi-mission Scorpion jet.

Andy Humphries, director of Advanced Displays at BAE Systems said:

“This award marks the second new platform order for LiteHUD, further validating it as the future of head-up display technology. With its revolutionary optics and high-resolution display, LiteHUD will provide Scorpion pilots with the ‘head-up, eyes-out’ capability they need, no matter the mission.”

According to the company:

“Designed using BAE Systems’ patented optical waveguide technology, LiteHUD is 60 percent smaller by volume and up to 50 percent lighter than conventional head-up displays.

The system is engineered to enhance situational awareness, in both day and night conditions, which significantly improves flight safety and reduces pilot fatigue. Its modular design, which includes a built-in color camera, enables seamless integration with both existing and future cockpits.”

Textron AirLand has developed the Scorpion, they say, as a highly affordable and exportable twin-engine ISR/Strike/Trainer jet for the tactical military aviation market.

They further describe the aircraft as:

“A versatile jet platform based on leading-edge technologies, Scorpion is designed as a multi-mission aircraft for diverse battlefield, security and training missions.”

Textron recently announced that the Scorpion jet successfully completed its first weapons exercise at White Sands Missile Range in the United States.

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4 years ago

Enough parts to become the next trainer yet?