The commissioning of HMS Magpie took place last week.

HMS Magpie is the first and largest vessel to be delivered by AEUK as part of its contract for the supply and support of Common Workboats for the UK MOD.

Ranging in size from 11 to 18 metres, the multi-role ‘SEA Class’ vessels share common components and will be modular in design.  This unique approach enables rapid reconfiguration for a range of specialised operational roles, including: Dive support; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Officer training; Passenger transport; Arctic exploration, Logistic re-supply and hydrographic survey.

BMT has provided Safety and Environmental Management and Technical Documentation support to the acquisition of up to 38 workboats, and extended programme of In-Service Support from 2018 until 2024 say the company.

Julian Woolley, BMT Head of Business Development – Underwater Systems, comments:

“Effective safety and environmental management is centred upon ensuring that principal hazards have been assessed and that all risks are minimised to an acceptable level.  Our work helps to keep the asset, the people that operate it and the environment around it, safe and in turn, maintain through life operational capability and availability.

Effective collaboration within the AEUK team has been key to ensuring the successful delivery and commissioning of HMS Magpie.  We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the AEUK team to deliver safe and environmentally compliant ‘SEA Class’ vessels.”

HMS Magpie’s primary role will be in maintaining the integrity of coastal waters, ensuring safety of navigation and resilience of key national infrastructure in UK ports.

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Andy G

These are fantastic boats, the are carried by the carriers and can be used to form a screen or host weaponised containers, they can be part of wide area integrated air defense and part of the ASW net by deploying towed arrays and other sonars.

They can also be quickly configured as workboats.


The titanic new super dreadnought HMS Magpie prepares for her commissioning by HM. Festooned with flags and lights, her teak decks immaculately sandstoned, brasswork gleaming, fresh buff, black,and white paint applied to the tiniest details of her hull and superstructure, her 2 mighty 16.25 inch guns pointed aloft at a rakish angle…

Lord I gotta STOP this…


Kevin ttog

God save all who serve in her stay safe on your globe trotting adventures


Yes, they won’t grab the headlines but will be very effective and flexible assets to the RN.
Very clever modular design.
Well done the MOD.


Why does this article read like a press handout,much like a lot of regional and local newspapers?


It’s a workboat ! This palaver is so very, very sad


No Luigi,it isn’t a workboat. It’s the first of class of new workboats capable of fulfilling a wide variety of roles. What is very, very sad is that you are too stupid to understand this.


Jack, I’m not going to get into a slanging match with someone who obviously thinks they own this comments section and feels entitled to make personal comments. I assume you agree with free speech as long as (they) agree with your dogma.
I’m off, enjoy.


Luigi, you came out with a stupid comment. Don’t blame me that I called you out in it.

Andrew Pease

Yacht owner can’t be bothered with paperwork, gets PA to do it.