Boeing say they have completed another COVID-19 transport mission, using a Boeing Dreamlifter to bring personal protective equipment (PPE) from Hong Kong to the United States.

“The company transported 1.5 million medical-grade face masks bound for healthcare professionals at Prisma Health in South Carolina.

Discommon, the importer of record for the delivery, secured production of the PPE from trusted manufacturers in China and turned to Boeing to facilitate their transport to Prisma Health, the largest healthcare system in South Carolina.

Boeing donated the cost of the mission transport, with Atlas Air operating the flights on behalf of Boeing.

The Dreamlifter, a converted Boeing 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter, flew from Hong Kong to Greenville, South Carolina, with the face masks in its lower lobe.

Following the delivery, the Dreamlifter will return to its home base in North Charleston, South Carolina, and deliver 787 Dreamliner parts in support of the global aerospace supply chain.”

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Ian M

OK Boeing designers, make me a butt ugly airplane, use whatever bits you can find lying around but it has to look like it has a thyroid problem………………………..
Still, nice of Boeing to donate the flight.


It’s not an original design. It’s a 747-400 modified to transport outsized 787 components. Function over form.

Ian M

Hi, well aware of it’s design history, I was being facetious?

Martin Richardson

A trusted Hong Kong Supplier……. Nothing that comes from China can be “TRUSTED”


The Chicoms give the world Corona now they’re making tons of money by supplying most of the medical supplies. LOL.