Boeing is extending the temporary suspension of production operations at all Puget Sound area and Moses Lake sites until further notice, this location is where the UK’s remaining P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft are being assembled.

According to the firm, these actions are being taken in light of the company’s continuing focus on the health and safety of employees, current assessment of the spread of COVID-19 in Washington state, the reliability of the supply chain and additional recommendations from government health authorities.

“During the suspension, the company will continue to implement additional health and safety measures at its facilities to protect employees. These measures include new visual cues to encourage physical distancing, more frequent and thorough cleaning of work and common areas and staggering shift times to reduce the flow of employees arriving and departing work, among many other improvements.”

“The health and safety of our employees, their families and our communities is our shared priority,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Stan Deal.

“We will take this time to continue to listen to our incredible team and assess applicable government direction, the spread of the coronavirus in the community and the reliability of our suppliers to ensure we are ready for a safe and orderly return to operations.”

Boeing added:

“The volunteers who have been supporting essential site and services work should continue to report to their assigned shifts. Puget Sound area and Moses Lake employees who can work from home should continue to do so. As the suspension of operations continues, Boeing will monitor government guidance and actions on COVID-19 and associated impact on all company operations. Boeing sites that remain open are being monitored and assessed on a daily basis.”

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Hopefully BOEING can get these aircraft to the UK ASAP as having only two is of no real use. Speaking of Boeing, I was reading yesterday that Lufthansa is cutting many of its Airbus A380 and A340-600s from its fleet. It seems that they do not expect a upturn in air traffic for several years. I am not sure if BA or Virgin is thinking the same. It could be a good opertunity for the RAF to get some aircraft on the cheap, some for airborne electronics, some for air to air refueling and some as transport/troop transport. Two A380… Read more »



Only problem with the A380’s is there are only a very limited number of airports they can operate out of…

Fen Tiger

No point in having the aircraft if you haven’t got the crews or maintenance support.

Levi Goldsteinberg

Between this, the 737 Max coming up eligible for order cancellation and refund as well as the fact that airlines (particularly Asian airlines) massively over-ordered planes and are now cutting their orders completely – Boeing is going to need some serious bailing out. Airbus are very well placed to crush Boeing


We build Aeroplane fuel systems, windows, landing gear, wings Engines and electronics ect ect but we still don’t build a whole Passenger plane in the UK, considering our large industry I can’t see why we don’t. And isn’t like a fifth of every Boeing 777 or 737 built in the UK.


If we keep spending the taxpayer’s money on the big toys demanded by the armed services, the UK economy will continue its downward spiral into bankruptcy. It’s still incredible to many people that the Government believes the UK needs two enormous aircraft carriers, a submarine based nuclear deterrent, and a fighter jet force – against exactly which credible threat will these provide any defence? Just like the Government’s recourse to “the blitz mentality” in “fighting the Covid19 war” too many decision-makers are trying to live in an imaginary Great Britain that has not existed since 1899. All the UK’s resources… Read more »


Why waste your time posting a basically anti armed forces message, on a pro armed forces website?


I agree with Mike to some extent. There are some truly expensive item in the armed forces. We can’t afford nuclear weapons. The QE should have been 4 LHDs rather than 2 massive ACs. The aircraft operated from them are too expensive and full of problems. Why can’t we just be equal and fair Britain? But people have this warped perception that somehow we are a ‘great’ power.


I believe we are a great power and so does most of the globe thankfully. We can afford nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers easily but it’s the money being wasted on other things that drains the budget.

Daniele Mandelli

The cutting edge tech costs a lot of money. I myself have always believed a better balance between quality and quantity is needed and to achieve that some cheaper equipment is needed. The UK is a major medium power. Not a super power. Medium powers are fairly numerous. And they will require top notch equipment like the F35. What areas do you feel the UK is NOT a major power Tom? You say people have that warped perception. I say it is fact, depending how power is defined. Economy? Manafacturing? Soft Power? Language? Science? R & D base? Universities? Military?… Read more »


Thank you for your points. Being a medium power is nothing to sniff at. My views are that the Armed forces are overstretched by a government that wants them to do everything it seems. I would like to see 3% and much like other people. Conservatives main point is to live within your means, right? So, why when it to Military they want them to do everything? If you cannot stump up the cash then why bother? We should focus on home and not abroad. Armed forces support post service perhaps should be a priority? The services seem to want… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Hi Tom Some more of my thoughts to your reply. Short answer, a balance is always needed in most things. Going all defence only is not a balance, it is hamstringing oneself. Longer answer, and forgive my rambling rant. Spending wise the main issue for me is the 2% is fudged by adding pensions, which I believe account for 2 billion, and the costs of Successor. Though some I know see that differently. Removing those from core budget would go a long way already to helping funding issues at MoD. I agree with you that the forces are overstretched. For… Read more »


Daniele, your answers in general, and this one in particular should be dissmenated and made required reading for anyone over the age of 18, and in particualr if they are journos or politicians. Your answes are relevent, well researched and thought out and quite technicaly, tacticaly and strategicaly correct. Keep it up, i will try to emulate your eloquent posts in some of my replies but alas, I think I may still resort to making the usual trolls and clowns froth and snap. Cheers.

Daniele Mandelli

Coming from you my friend, after what you have seen and done, that means a lot.


I’m tempted to copy that rant of mine for later and paste as appropriate the next time a troll or far left Guardian reader appears.

And just to add I don’t include Tom in that category. He seems to think people have a “warped perception of this country” so thought I would reply.

I hold my country in high esteem. It is time many others did likewise.


Thanks mate, top job, keep it up, we have a similar mindset. I have seen the best and worst of people, politics and Governements and no matter what the sad grumpy know nothing’s say, we still have an amazing, relatively democratic and sensible country to live in. Many of the whingers should have seen the crap and shite many others around the world have to put up with, which i have seen, and maybe then they may appreciate what they have. But its easy to gripe, moan and whine in a democratic country such as ours, and they would never… Read more »


Unfortunately being able to defend yourselves, part of which is to have a global influence, does cost money. Would you want cheaper equipment, aircraft, ships etc and be happy to send the lads and lasses into combat at a disadvantage straight away? Let me assure you, we have bare minimum anyway, and we do rely on quality, as we have no quantity any longer. I always find peoples idea of a “defence force” concept amusing, as any country who only has a force capable of defence will lose every single time, every single damn time.


I can only think of one country that has given up it’s nuclear weapons, and since then a neighbour has invaded and annexed the most strategic and industrial parts. Is that what you want to happen to us, and those we support through mutual security agreements?


Mike, the P-8 Poseidon in the story is replacing a capability that we lost to austerity cuts a decade ago. It should be noted that these are not only needed for a military purpose – to track potentially hostile submarines – but will also provide vital long-range maritime search and rescue support.


I think there are two answers to this point. Firstly, yes you are right we probably shouldn’t have expeditionary warfare capability and should concentrate purely and selfishly on our own defence. However, we are still a permanent member of the UN Security Council and very many countries still view us internationally as one of the “grown-ups”. That is a responsibility we should think very carefully about walking away from. It would create a vacuum that others would be only to happy to fill. We spend very little on actual defence, no AAM or ABM for example, a switch from an… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

You’ve managed to more or less make my points above but in only three paragraphs!


Ah Mike, or as we like to say Harold in another sad, lonely, limited subject matter knowldge, disguise. To post on a military comments section it would aid you if you had at least a basic knowldge of the subject matter, and therefore your piffle wouldn’t be so laughable and entertaining.


Hi grumpy old man, or thats the avatar you use for the same shite waffle you posted in the guardian toilet rag, in response to that insanley child like article which was written by someone as equally as clueless as yourself. You actually post exactly the same crap, how lazy, and how proud you are of a total lack of subject matter knowledge. For gods sake please keep posting as you are hilarious and entertaining. Keep it up, a good laugh can be rare in these times.

700 Glengarried Men

To mike and Tom Have either of you ever served in the forces,would you defend your country (whatever you consider that to be) why do you think our serviceman should be denied the best equipment. The carriers employed thousands in Scotland during construction and the T26 frigates employ thousands still safeguarding local employment in Greater Glasgow and Rosyth area , 2 carriers are required to ensure we always have at least one is available. Britain is a small nation but our service personnel are respected and relied on the world over and were a major factor in ensuring peace in… Read more »


Completely agree. It is our duty to provide the men and women of our armed services with the best so they can defend us

Daniele Mandelli

Agree on all points bar one.

Britain is a small nation only geographically.

700 Glengarried Men

Appols that’s what I meant