Islamic State (IS) terrorists have suffered further losses as Royal Air Force aircraft have continued operations over Syria and Iraq.

RAF Tornado GR4s, Typhoon FGR4s and Reaper remotely piloted aircraft have flown daily armed reconnaissance missions over both Syria and Iraq, collecting valuable intelligence on terrorist activity. In the course of these patrols, a number of targets have been successfully attacked by our aircraft.

On Wednesday 9 December, a pair of Tornados provided close air support to Kurdish soldiers fighting IS in northern Iraq, and used a Paveway IV guided bomb to destroy a terrorist position, including a mortar team, centred on a building near Kisik. A Reaper maintained overwatch for the Kurds into the night, and having assisted other coalition aircraft in a successful strike on a heavy machine-gun position, its crew conducted successful Hellfire missile attacks of their own against three IS vehicles south of Sinjar, despite the trucks being parked under cover.

On Thursday 10 December, two Typhoons, working in close cooperation with another coalition aircraft, carried out Paveway IV bomb attacks on a terrorist-held building and a bunker in northern Iraq. A Tornado patrol was meanwhile operating in conjunction with a Reaper south-west of Sinjar; the Tornados destroyed another IS building and a mortar position with Paveways, whilst the Reaper followed up with a successful Hellfire attack on a terrorist location. The Reaper stayed on patrol to support the Kurdish forces, and when they came under fire from a sniper, eliminated the threat with a direct hit from a GBU-12 guided bomb. Before returning to base, the Reaper destroyed a IS vehicle with a Hellfire.

In more than a year of air operations against Islamic State targets, the Ministry of Defence have revealed there have been no reports of civilian casualties resulting from UK air operations.

RAF aircraft have flown a total of 1,632 combat missions and have carried out more than 380 successful strikes in Iraq.

This record is a reflection of the rigorous targeting protocols UK forces observe.

British drones have killed around 305 Islamic State fighters in Iraq over the past year without harming any civilians, the Ministry of Defence have revealed in a response to Freedom of Information requests.

The RAF also use Brimstone missiles which while not as unique as the news report claims. are incredibly effective on both static and moving targets and offer pin-point accuracy. Brimstone has a small warhead, which has a minimal effect outside of the target area to ensure low collateral damage and a small blast radius. Brimstone is often the weapon of choice as it has a well observed ability to perform surgical strikes, in time critical missions, both day and night.

More information can be found at the original location.

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Jim Ball

A deathly hush from the far left. . . .

Huw Jones

Is it all over then? Did we win? 😉

Huw Jones

Although I don’t want you to think I’m stalking you.

Andrew Kerr

No civilian casualties… (We blame them on the Russians). Thousand of Syrian Army casualties though! #Regimechange.

Tom Jacobs

Please inform me of the sources o this information

Michael Thomas
Tom Jacobs

Notice the gov bit well don’t trust everything your told about by the government

Martin Melvin

But you would no doubt trust a different source on the internet lol.

Tom Jacobs

I wouldn’t trust the government because they have had a lot of criticism about this

Connor Rodriguez

Just like I wouldn’t trust a tree hugging conspiracy theory lefty freak or a biased Muslim. I’d trust the government over them tbh, and I’m not exactly pro conservative….

Tom Jacobs

I wouldn’t trust any one source

Tom Jacobs

I’d go with what accurate (ish) sources say

Connor Rodriguez

What are accurate sources on the Internet? (Please don’t say anonymous)

Thomas Byrne

I’d say a government source are as accurate as they get in these situations.

Tom Jacobs

Well Russian sources can be reliable to a degree. That degree being that they’ll lie to protect there own skins

Tom Jacobs

It should be noted I only regard them as reliable because of how no one wanted to bomb isis oil trucks until they pointed it out

Tom Jacobs

Anonymous I wouldn’t consider listening to right away because they were formed by a group of people on 4chan

Tom Jacobs

Although being a large collective does mean it’s easier for them to find a source it’s easy for someone to abuse this

Jason Owens

There are legal advisors watching over the actions of our pilots, in both manned and unmanned assets.

Unless strict guidelines are met them attacks don’t take place – and BDA is carried out afterwards with a full review.

In contrast to Russian techniques, as demonstrated in Chechnya which is to bomb the city until no brick is left standing on another… Then artillery until the bricks are dust (hyperbole, but only just).

Martin Melvin

Tom my man, there is an edit function when you comment by holding or swiping, or clicking the wee cog.

Tom Jacobs

The problem with it is that I instantly don’t trust the government because at any point they could manipulate or simply not told

Tom Jacobs

How many times have a mainstream media source been first to report on accidental bombing of civilians

Alex French

Think what ever is said Tom will not believe it

Again and again and again . . .

Connor Rodriguez

Tom I’m in the military and we have a thing called ROE (rules of engagement) and we can go to jail for breaking that. Just look at a Marine seargent who’s doing life in prison right now for killing a terrorist. If he’s getting life for that, I’m pretty sure our pilots are not bombing innocent civilians.

UK Defence Journal

Tom is a school kid who poses in photos with gas masks, probably better not to take him too seriously, just look at his profile.

Tom Jacobs

Better not take your website security seriously either

Thomas Byrne

Was that some kind of threat Tom? Lol

Tom Jacobs

No its a fact

Tom Jacobs

They said that had a DOS attack earlier today

Mohammad Fattahi

bullshit , u fuckin anglo saxon

Mathew Price

Your a funny one arent you

Connor Rodriguez

Learn how to speak English please

Mohammad Fattahi

the anglo-saxon invasion of Iraq has caused the death of over one million civilians , so shut the fuck up

Lee Dennington

Valuable,informative imput. Thanks for that.

Rhairie Mcintyre

Careful, we’re dealing with an intellectual heavy weight here!

Coby Aldred

Fahd Bakali

Peter Seals

Well done chaps keep up the good work and stay safe

Jake Hayes

I would trust it most people don’t understand is laser guided bombs don’t hit anything and everything they git where ypu point it and don’t cause colatoral damage.

Joshua Mulhearn

Any bomb laser guided or not can cause collateral damage.

Jake Hayes

Yes but it depends where you aim it and it still really isn’t that much.

jon livesey

I think it’s worth pointing out that the left in the UK have managed to put themselves in a corner where they have a lot invested in the idea that any UK military action in Syria *has* to produce large numbers of civilian casualties. That was the whole basis of their opposition to operations. So now they have to fall back on the “true because there is no evidence” tactic. That’s a conspiracy theory classic. X must be true, and if there is no evidence of X, then there has been a cover up. How many times have we heard… Read more »

Liam Zalaiskalns

Of course there aren’t. Our boys and girls are the best

Ollie Wiggins


Graeme Marshall

Stephen Mcghee thought this might be worth a read

Dean Cook

Civilians die in wars. Get over it. If it isn’t theirs it’s ours. Sadly a way of life so get over it