Royal Air Force combat aircraft have conducted numerous sorties against Islamic State in recent days. Tornado GR4 and Reaper reconnaissance and strike aircraft are flying daily missions over northern and western Iraq.

The following information comes from an MoD announcement and can be found here also.

Tuesday 8 September: A Reaper patrolling over western Iraq discovered several large stockpiles of explosives close to the Euphrates River. It destroyed one of the stockpiles with its own Hellfire missile – a skiff waiting to transport the explosives was sunk in the blast – and helped coalition fast jets target three more. The Reaper’s crew also provided support to successful air strikes on a terrorist-held compound and a fighting position.

Wednesday 9 September: A Reaper used Hellfires to destroy two vehicles being prepared as car-bombs, and on

Thursday 10 September: A Reaper patrol identified a group of heavily armed ISIL fighters gathering in a building. Both the building and a vehicle used by the terrorists were destroyed with Hellfires, and the Reaper also assisted coalition aircraft in 13 successful attacks on further terrorist positions nearby. Elsewhere in the country, a second Reaper conducted two attacks on extremists attempting to attack Iraqi troops, whilst in northern Iraq, a pair of Tornado GR4s used a Paveway IV precision guided bomb to destroy a building from which the terrorists had been firing a heavy weapon at the Kurdish peshmerga.

Friday 11 September: A Reaper supported a Kurdish offensive operation to clear an ISIL-held village, in the course of which it engaged a defensive position with a Hellfire.

Sunday 13 September: A Paveway from a Tornado mission destroyed a terrorist group, armed with rocket-propelled grenades.

Monday 14 September: Tornado GR4s patrolling near Mosul attacked a rocket-firing position, while a Reaper operating over Anbar province, struck a pair of terrorists who had been spotted preparing a booby-trap, then supported two further coalition air strikes in the area.

Tuesday 15 September: A Reaper assisted coalition strikes on ISIL rocket launchers in western Iraq, then used Hellfires to attack an ISIL team as they attempted to arm a “daisy-chain” of linked improvised explosive devices and a GBU-12 guided bomb against a hostile fighting position.

Wednesday 16 September: GR4s bombed two terrorist positions, including a heavy-machine gun, which were firing on Kurdish troops in western Iraq. A Reaper destroyed an engineering vehicle and a large car-bomb which ISIL were positioning to attempt to hold up Iraqi advances.

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Vincent Nugent
6 years ago

Not sure if they are our enemies yet, are they?