A Royal Air Force C-130J has delivered equipment in support of Ukrainian troops. The equipment includes:

  • 1,000 individual First Aid Kits
  • 54 helmet-mounted monocular night vision goggles (MNVGs)
  • 2,000 Mk6 helmets

The equipment is part of the package of support pledged to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by the Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon in March of this year. The specific equipment delivered is designed to improve the situational awareness of troops fighting Russian backed separatists in the east of the country.

The equipment supplied by the UK is loaded for delivery to Ukrainian troops fighting Russian-backed separatist forces in the east of the country.
The equipment supplied by the UK is loaded for delivery to Ukrainian troops fighting Russian-backed separatist forces in the east of the country.

Fallon said:

The RAF has now delivered more than 3000 combat helmets, goggles and first aid kits to Ukrainian troops, and we have already trained 850 personnel. We will step up our training over the summer and we will be providing further equipment, although not of the lethal variety.

We stand firm with Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression, and we continue to assist its defence of its sovereignty, independence and territory.

The UK is also providing 200 GPS units and 220 hardened laptops. The total value of this package is approximately £850,000, and is being provided alongside other short term training activities being delivered by UK military personnel to the Ukrainians in-country. British trainers have been in Ukraine since March, and have already trained over 850 Ukrainian troops according to the Ministry of Defence.

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andy hutchinson

thats nice of our government to help foreign troops out…would also be nice if they thought about our lads aswell….my nephew is currentley serving and says they have a kit shortage…..or are they taking from our lads and giving it to others….


All welcome but really? Whoopi do dars. This is not even a scratch on the surface of what the Ukrainian forces need. Remember as one of the other four (plus Russia) who signed up to protecting Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, defensive weapons as well as protective equipment is a minimum we should be providing


Do you really want to fight with the Russian?

Jonathan South

Not particularly up for fighting the Russians ourselves but I do accept that the UK is one of the largest Arms exporters in the world and the arms industry does employ allot of people and provide allot of income to the treasury and the Ukraine are well within their legal rights to buy equipment so if they want to by say a bunch of Eurofighters a couple of hundred tanks etc then I would happily support the boost to British industry


Well, the West has spent 20 years disarming as we all considered Russia as a friend and a respected future partner in the world. But now your great dictator Putin is intent on turning you into a poor and badly respected nation which cannot be trusted we have to rearm again. So we go through another cycle of Russia becoming bankrupt before we can all be friends again! Our arms companies are jumping for joy!


Not a great stretch of the imagination to find the Mistrals built originally for Russia ultimately in their hands thro the back door via Egypt.Nice that Russia is financing the deal!