British forces have continued to conduct air operations in the fight against Daesh.

According to the Ministry of Defence, the following recent strikes have taken place:

  • Monday 6 June – Tornados struck a large truck-bomb factory near Mosul, while Typhoons provided close air support around Fallujah.
  • Tuesday 7 June – Tornados destroyed a weapons stockpile near Fallujah.
  • Wednesday 8 June – Reapers attacked targets near Raqqa in Syria, and Qayyarah in Iraq; Typhoons and Tornados supported Iraqi ground operations in both Fallujah and east of Mosul.

“Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4s continued to provide close air support on Monday 6 June to the Iraqi operation to liberate Fallujah. A coalition surveillance aircraft spotted a group of Daesh terrorists taking up position in a building to the west of the city, allowing them to be quickly targeted by the Typhoons using a Paveway IV guided bomb. In northern Iraq, intelligence had located a large truck-bomb factory near Mosul and two RAF Tornado GR4s armed with 1000lb Enhanced Paveway II guided bombs were tasked with its destruction. A single EPW II destroyed the factory.”

Typhoons also contributed to the Fallujah operations, using Paveway IVs against two groups of Daesh extremists armed with a light machine-gun and rocket-propelled grenades.

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Albert Yome
5 years ago

Kill them all!