British pilots have now flown more than 2800 missions against Islamic State, playing a key role in their ongoing defeat.

The following recent strikes have taken place:

Monday 11 July – Tornados hit a mortar position in northern Iraq.

Tuesday 12 July – Tornados bombed a meeting of terrorist commanders on the Syrian-Iraqi border, as well as destroying two truck-bombs, while Typhoons attacked two armed trucks in northern Iraq.

Wednesday 13 July – Typhoons destroyed a strongpoint in northern Iraq, Tornados struck two mortar positions near Hit.

The details surrounding recent strikes have been released by the MoD:

Royal Air Force aircraft have continued round-the-clock air operations against Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria over recent days, including an attack on a meeting of terrorist commanders at Kerabilah. On Monday 11 July, Tornado GR4s conducted an armed reconnaissance patrol in the Sharqat area in support of Iraqi ground forces. Our aircraft were able to identify a mortar position and delivered a successful attack using a Paveway IV guided bomb.

Patrols by Paveway-armed Typhoon FGR4s continued over northern Iraq on Tuesday 12 July. One flight destroyed a heavily armed truck near Qayyarah, taking great care to avoid causing damage to a nearby mosque. Near Tal Afar a second Typhoon mission struck another armed truck concealed in a covered parking bay – a large secondary explosion followed as the vehicle’s cargo of ammunition detonated.

That night close to the Iraqi border with Syria, a meeting of Islamic State commanders was known to be in progress at Kerabilah and a pair of Tornados conducted an attack with a salvo of four Paveway IVs that completely demolished the building. The Tornados then flew north-east to the area north of Bayji and used Brimstone missiles to destroy two terrorist truck-bombs.

On Wednesday 13 July a Tornado mission also used Brimstones to destroy two 120mm heavy mortars some distance from Hit, whilst Typhoons destroyed a Islamic State strong-point south of Sinjar using Paveway IVs.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has also praised the decisive difference made by the RAF in the liberation of Fallujah. Speaking at the Royal United Service Institute’s (RUSI) annual airpower conference in London, Mr Fallon said the RAF had not operated at such a sustained operational tempo in a single conflict for a quarter of a century.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

“The RAF has not operated at this sustained operational tempo in a single theatre of conflict for a quarter of a century.

Our tempo and commitment to the operation – our precision targeting, our Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and our overall support to the coalition – shows no sign of abating.

Our aircraft played a key role in the liberation of Fallujah. I pay tribute to the outstanding work of all RAF personnel involved.”


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