The Royal Air Force completed its 11th airdrop this week, delivering a total of 110 tonnes of aid from 120 parachutes.

In this latest airdrop, the UK has provided ready-to-eat meals, water, rice, tinned goods and flour for the people of Gaza.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defence:

“The UK has completed its 11th airdrop into Gaza today, reaching the milestone of over 100 tonnes of life-saving aid delivered by air. Over the course of 11 Royal Air Force flights, the UK has delivered ready-to-eat meals, water, rice, tinned goods and flour, with a total of 12 tonnes dropped into Northern Gaza today.

The UK began conducting airdrops in late March, as part of the Jordanian international initiative. The Royal Air Force has used A400Ms, flying from Amman, Jordan, where aid pallets attached to parachutes are collected and loaded by RAF and British Army personnel. The aid is dropped along the northern coastline of Gaza, with drop zones regularly surveyed to ensure civilians are not harmed. Each flight takes around one hour and British personnel work closely with the Royal Jordanian Air Force to plan and conduct each mission.”

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“Our commitment to delivering large quantities of aid to those most in need is unwavering, this milestone is both testament to that and a demonstration of where our focus lies over the coming weeks and months.

Given the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, we deployed RFA Cardigan Bay to the Eastern Mediterranean to support efforts to build a temporary pier to deliver crucial humanitarian assistance. We continue to pressure Israel to fully open Ashdod Port as well as more land crossings.”

Foreign Secretary David Cameron said:

“The UK is playing a leadership role in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Through our partnership with Jordan, we have now delivered 100 tonnes of life-saving aid by air.

But it is only by land that we will be able to transport the full amount of humanitarian assistance needed. We have seen an encouraging increase in the number of aid trucks getting in, but we must see further action so that more aid gets over the border and is safely distributed.”

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Andy reeves
Andy reeves (@guest_817612)
2 days ago

and who is charity Britain using to pay for it?

George (@guest_817737)
2 days ago
Reply to  Andy reeves

That would be we the tax payers. Giving aid to terrorist and those who support them.

BigH1979 (@guest_818130)
13 hours ago
Reply to  George

I think thats an unfair comment bud. Both HM Govt and the opposition have been pretty unequivical (for once) on the need to eradicate Hamas. I think doing nothing while 100,000’s of Gazans starve when we can fairly safely air drop supplies in would be completely contrary to what we stand for. Prepare to have more of our foreign aid budget pumped in when it comes to rebuilding too…or are you going to moan when they turn up in small boats too?

Andy reeves
Andy reeves (@guest_818193)
9 hours ago
Reply to  BigH1979

nothing to do with hamas! I was talking about where the money to fund this stuff comes from. I’m always moaning about people turning up in boats and so is everyone else.goigle where U.K foreign aid goes to and youl see where your money goes

BigH1979 (@guest_818201)
9 hours ago
Reply to  Andy reeves

I was replying to the person below you.

George (@guest_818293)
6 minutes ago
Reply to  Andy reeves

It goes to fund terrorism when sent to Gaza. Flushed straight down the toilet and around the bend. Only to re-appear off our shores in small boats!

George (@guest_818291)
13 minutes ago
Reply to  BigH1979

Notice I said. “Giving aid to terrorist and those who support them.” If there were any innocent civilians in Gaza (your Gazans ?) to begin with, they left a long time ago when forewarned. Probably way back when Hamas first seized control and murdered their only peace seeking opponents. Those left behind are the intended targets of IDFs righteous retaliation. I question the sanity of those giving aid to the enemy of all civilised people, the genocidal squatters of Gaza. Who have clearly demonstrated their barbarism knowns no bounds. They are financed by Iran for pity sake. An anti-western, antidemocratic… Read more »