A detachment of German Air Force Eurofighters have arrived in Lithuania to undertake combined Quick Reaction Alert training alongside the RAF Typhoon fast jets already deployed there, say the Royal Air Force.

The MoD say that this opportunity has been arranged to enhance the current twinning programme that has been running between the two Air Forces under Eurofighter Interoperability Enhancement programme.

Wing Commander Stu Gwinnutt, the Officer Commanding RAF 135 Expeditionary Air Wing deployed to Siauliai Air Base was quoted as saying:

“We are really pleased to welcome our German Air Force friends here to Lithuania; to continue this cooperation is a great opportunity for learning in an operational environment.”

The Typhoons operating under 135 EAW normally operate out of RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, and the Eurofighters of 71 Fighter Squadron, based in Wittmund in Northern Germany, will be taking over the Baltic Air Policing mission from Estonia later this year.

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Nice to see the RAF and Lutwaffe working together. On another subject did any of you read an article by a lady journalist headlined something to the effect that the RAF/RN had “wasted” money buying F35’s that could not take off from HMS QE????


The same old crap!! It’s like people like making fun of our millitary and belittling the nation!


Not like I’m belittling the military but I got some info from a defence industry insider that the MOD had to step in on the Ajax project with spanish messing up production of the tank they left the wiring looms hanging out on the first couple of tanks ,and this guy reckons the first 100 examples are all individual just to all the adjustments they had to make.

Stevo H

Cam……the media, thick opposition politicians and some gullible members of the public get off on constantly criticising, moaning and trying to belittle our Country and our precious Armed Forces. In my opinion, they’re a bunch of morons but unfortunately you’ll never stop it completely mate, they always find something to kick off at.
What it shows is that they actually have absolutely zero knowledge and sweet naff all else to do other than pick faults.


Yes completely agree Steve H, very anoying. I have always had the believe that HMG and MOD should have more publicity based on facts and counter stupid comments by the general media.


You should have just said “journalist” – that was enough to indicate lack of knowledge on the subject. Gender has nothing to do with it.


You are of course absolutely correct and I apologise if I offended anyone. In my defence, ladies are or have been historically, very much in the minority in commenting in such matters and of course-for better or worse we now have lady fighter pilots in the RAF! And OK-maybe I am in trouble for saying that now. The fundamental question though is-are we BY NATURE designed to be equally capable in all things?
Probably not a question for this forum.

Daniele Mandelli

You didn’t offend me geoff, as your meaning was obvious. It takes a certain something to be offended by so little some times. And that is not aimed at Sean BTW as I don’t think he was offended either.

I did see a tweet to that effect. Did not bother reading it. Could it be to do with Block 4 upgrades?


Thanks Daniele. We are of like mind. 🙂


It was and bemoaning that the update could cost as much as 22m per plane. Which just seems a bizarre cost if true.

Daniele Mandelli

Well, DC does say we are milked regularly!

Meirion X

Most of cost of Block 4 for F-35 is in software about 80%.

Graham Moore

Geoff,you are a bit wrong. The journo said that the RAF may advocate buying F35As and these would not be able to operate from the QE class carrier. That is entirely possible as we have only ordered a fraction of the 138 aircraft so far but is speculative. She is wrong to be speculative or to criticise any decision for the RAF to want at least some A models on the grounds they could not operate from carriers as we will have enough B models for carrier operations. Perhaps she does not know that the RAF also operates from land-based… Read more »


Hi Graham. Thanks for your post. The possibility of the RAF buying some F35A’s has been on the table for some time. If the original number of 138 aircraft that we intended to buy is maintained then it might be possible to purchase a small number of this variant without affecting the needs of the RN for the B variant. However her headline suggested that we were wasting money buying ‘outdated'(!!) airplanes that could not fly off the Queen Elizabeth. This was hugely mischievous and totally misleading. Who ever said or suggested that they COULD fly from carriers? The journos… Read more »

Graham Moore

Hi Geoff, many thanks for your comments. I agree with you totally. I better not spoil anything by saying that I disagree with the RAF flying off carriers and trying to muscle into FAA business, just like they did in the Harrier era. I am ex-army; the RAF once seriously pitched a case that they and not the army should not operate Apache as it was too complex for pongoes!


:):) Haha Graham! inter service rivalry for better or worse. When one looks at the failed Canadian experiment-they now once again have an RCAF and RCN, then the 3 Arms are still the best way forward. Cheers

Meirion X

Of what use would be F-35As sitting in Marham be?
Unlike the Americans, whom have agreements to forward deploy their UK based aircraft in other European and Middle Eastern countries, the UK does not do this.


I have just seen the article in the Telegraph. Look at the comments and weep!!!!! I did not renew my subs so cannot comment but the shite written by people with half or quarter baked knowledge makes my blood boil.

Paul T

Indeed – i had much fun reading and adding to them lol !.


Anyone know why the Germans never opted to fit PIRATE on their Typhoons? I believe they are the only ones not to have it (aside from Austria).


Save money is the only reason I can think of. If it was not for the contract penalties Germany would have pulled the plug altogether so they probably cut anything off them that was not mandatory. They must have thought they could service the Tornado through to 2040


The German pilots main gripe with their aircraft is the lack of the PIRATE IRST. Some have even said they’d be happy keeping the mechanical Captor radar, so long as they got the PIRATE. The next batch of Typhoons they are getting is supposed to be coming with PIRATE as standard. Leonardo have announced that PIRATE is getting some new hardware updates, which will be part of the next batch of upgrades to our Typhoons.