Working with the British Army, a new network technology is being trialled which will allow troops on the frontline to communicate securely with their command headquarters.

The Army’s new medium STRIKE force requires tactical mobility supported by high capacity communication solutions. The British Army, BAE Systems, Airbus and General Dynamics have collaborated to develop a STRIKE Tactical Hotspot concept demonstrator to meet those needs. According to BAE:

“Tactical Hotspot is a compact, mobile solution that can be securely deployed in an armoured vehicle. The equipment is fitted to an adapted Panther vehicle with self-erecting masts for radio equipment, providing an area of secure connectivity for a number of kilometres around the vehicle.

By fitting the communication solution in a protected mobility vehicle, the platform can manoeuvre alongside the STRIKE Brigade, enabling continuous secure communications to the frontline.”

The British Army has awarded BAE Systems a £1.2 million contract to supply two experimental STRIKE Tactical Hotspots.

Steph McMenamin, UK Deployed Networks Capture Lead at BAE Systems said:

“We have combined  the power of modern commercial technologies with the surety of in-service solutions which will connect users securely in what may be remote and hostile environments.

Our unique partnership with the British Army has been a springboard for early experimentation, building on the success of the Falcon broadband solution.

We went from design to a fully integrated prototype in just nine months.”

Brigadier Greg Wilson, Head of Capability Strategy Development, Army HQ Information Directorate said recently:

“The Hotspot work has reinforced the benefits of close collaboration with our industry partners. Working  alongside industry allows us to adopt a more agile and rapid innovation approach as together we build understanding and skills. As a result we can keep pace with, and operate successfully in, the rapidly challenging and contested information environment we face.”

The experimental STRIKE Tactical Hotspots which will be used by the British Army are the product of a technology development programme funded by BAE Systems in collaboration with General Dynamics and Airbus. The company say that the Hotspot integrates Falcon broadband with Bowman TacCIS and SATCOM-on-the-Move, enhanced with the power of 4G, WiFi and Tactical Datalinks (WEnDL™) capability.

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4 years ago

Would not a 4G broadcast not make an easy target for an anti-radiation munitions?

4 years ago

RAF bin our anti-rad missals so we have not got that capability,guess what everyone else has and can.

4 years ago