British Army troops have been brought in to mass test Liverpool.

The Ministry of Defence say that trained military staff are teaching arriving troops how the new tests work, these test take only 30 to 60 mins to show the results.

“Similar to a pregnancy test showing a line to shoe the test is working and a line for a positive Covid result. Today, close to 2000 troops arrived at a central location close to the outskirts of Liverpool. Situated at the amusement park Pontins Southport. Upon arrival all troops were tested for Covid 19.

The troops conducted vital training that included how to conduct the new style of Covid swab testing, how to build and setup test station pods and how to conduct safe working practices before moving in to the city of Liverpool. Members of the Armed Forces have arrived in Liverpool to help deliver Covid-19 testing to the city’s residents and workers.”

It is understood that soldiers from 8 Engineer Brigade, 1 Yorkshire Regiment, the King’s Royal Hussars, 19 Regiment Royal Artillery, 1st Battalion Irish Guards, 39 Regiment Royal Engineers, 1 Rifles and other units drawn from the British Army arrived at Pontins on Thursday.

“Over 2000 personnel from 16 units and over 20 locations have come together to support mass-testing in the city. On arrival they immediately began training on how to administer tests to the public, building 47 static testing sites. Military personnel will be working alongside commercial partners and in support of NHS Test and Trace to deliver lateral flow testing, as well as local logistics planning, and a small team of bio-medical scientists who will help train civilians to conduct the tests.”

Testing in Liverpool started on Friday afternoon. Residents can find their nearest Army run walk-in sites through Liverpool Council.

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Fen Tiger

Yes but, are they fluent in Scouse?


I’m really struggling to see the point of this. The only thing I can think of is that is a big data collection exercise.

Paul T

Nail On Head – thats my Understanding of it too,its to give some substance to the Science ( or lack of ).