British Army medics have been training to give life-saving care – even under fire say the MoD.

Full-time Regulars and spare-time Reservists, including those of Preston-based 3 Medical Regiment, have this week been tested on the frozen North Luffenham training area in the Midlands.

A battlefield environment was simulated using blank ammunition and actors, but Combat Medical Technicians know that one day they might be asked to do it for real.

The ‘care under fire’ scenario is designed to see how medics will react while attending to a casualty under a hail of bullets. Soldiers must apply immediate first aid and carry the wounded, including the casualty’s 40kg of kit, whilst others provide covering fire.

Extra tests staged during the training examined their ability to treat conditions as varied as chest infections and gunshot wounds, all from nothing more than a tent.

Once completed, the exercise qualifies the Army Medical Services’ first responders to fulfill their role anywhere in the world.

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Was always nice to have a well trained medic, life savers all.

Mark L

I’m proud to be a former scab lifter.

Mike Saul

Medical provision is one of the few military professions were it is better to use properly trained reservists than regular personnel.


This comment is a little niave.. personally I’m a regular serving registered Paramedic… the same as a civilian Paramedic but with 17 years military service under my belt too.. further to that there are some exceptional Combat Medical Tech’s in the RAMC who would show up even some professionally qualified individuals!


What a bullshit thing to say Mike!! So youd rather a civvy in uniform treat you under fire than a soldier thats highly trained in care under fire?!!! ??

Mark L

I was a TA medic and find your ignorant sneering more than a little bit offensive Mike. We were indeed “highly trained in care under fire”.