The British Army has been recognised for good practice on workplace race equality and inclusion.

The Army is one of 70 employers included in the 2018 listing, which recognises good practice on workplace race equality and inclusion and celebrates the public and private sector organisations making a difference in this area. The listing is unranked and is published in alphabetical order.

To be considered for the listing, employers must demonstrate that they are putting leadership on race in place within their organisation, creating inclusive workplace cultures and taking action on leadership, progression and/or recruitment. They must also show how their policies are positively impacting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees within their organisations.

Sandra Kerr OBE, race equality director at Business in the Community, said:

“Huge congratulations to The British Army on being named in the Best Employers for Race 2018 listing and as the Winner of the Public Sector Recruitment Award. They have demonstrated strong leadership and commitment on creating fair, diverse and inclusive workplaces that work for all employees, including those from BAME backgrounds.

In a rapidly changing global business environment, it’s vital that organisations make the most of all the diverse talent available to them to successfully compete, and the Army is doing just that. I hope more employers will learn from their example and sign up for the Race at Work Charter launched earlier this month.”


  1. For god’s sake, can we not just judge on merit and equality of opportunity rather than forced diversity and equality of outcome (notice ‘inclusion’)

    Complete waste of everyone’s time, diminishes quality, alienates white people and is patronising to those who benefit from equality of outcome as it implies they wouldn’t be able to succeed as well in their career without it. You could even call it racism, since it involves the preferential treatment of some races over others

    I hate it and I’m shocked to see the Army of all entities embracing this liberal arts campus lunacy

    • There has been racism against whites for years.

      Ironically it’s not seen as racism when it’s the other way round.

      Just recently lefty morons at Southampton university wished to remove a mural depicting soldiers from world war 1 who were at the university because they were “too white”

      God help us. I do believe in history in 1914 the majority of the population were in fact white!!!!

      And the problem with that is??

      The imbecile responsible was slaughtered on social media, including by me, has retracted and apologised and been lying low since.

      As for the army this is Liberal PC crap. If you’re good enough you’re good enough.

      I make no distinction between Col H Jones and Private Beharry. Both heroes in my book the colour is irrelevant.

      In my view this PC poison needs to be outed and shamed where ever it is found.

      • I don’t know Jones was, you know, half-Welsh………. and even worserer half-American…….. πŸ˜‰

        It’s ruddy pathetic. I think the British Army has been 10% foreign for an age. And there have always, always, always been homosexuals in the services. Like any body give a monkey’s.

        Makes me mad it does.

      • DM wrote:
        “In my view this PC poison needs to be outed and shamed where ever it is found.”

        8 years ago , I undertook my Equal Ops instructors course at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham . On the Monday, the course was split into 2 and given first name badges. The vast majority of candidates are senior officers from all 3 services.

        Tuesday morning, we all tip up and on entering the class we are met by an Asian woman wearing a sari and with a red dot on her head. Once we are all sat down, she goes straight into ‘You are all racist mode’. She bleated about how the Armed forces is comprised of intolerant bigots for around 45 minutes and during her closing speech, she looked at me, smiles and stated:
        “I don’t have to tell you this, do I farouk!”
        I went up the bloody wall, I ripped into her stating that in the miltsry I am judged on the ability to do my job and not on the colour of my skin. That actually the British military due to spending so much time out of the country are the least racist people, which kind of explains, why so many are married to…foreigners and in passing a not so subtle quip in my direction that she, was guilty of the very crimes she was accusing the military of. She was stunned by my reaction and the instructor at the back of the class, decided to call for a coffee break. I actually believed that I was going to get RTU’d for my outburst. But nothing was said (and I passed with flying colours) during my trip into the rest room for a coffee, this young female Army captain, came up to me and tanked me for speaking out. She stated sthat she too had felt offended by what this race hustler was promoting, but remained silent as she didn’t want to be seen as a….racist.

        When I was posted to London, the Unit I was in,employed a deaf and dumb Muslim girl and as she was no good to man or beast, she was dumped in the post room, where the civy bloke left her alone to read her books. He went on leave and they shoved a young female L/Cpl in there. She wasn’t prepared to work and have somebody sit around watching her, so she gave her jobs to do. The girl in question played the race card and the lance jack found herself tapping the boards. When asked if she was a racist, she replied no. when asked to substantiate that statement. She replied that she had slept with a certain S/Sgt Farouk *********. She walked free and I found myself getting a bollocking for doing a junior rank.

    • Where does it say anything about “forced diversity”. Why do you assume that the Army can’t think about it’s workforce and concurrently be an effective fighting force? Does this small bit of paperwork to apply for the recognition somehow reduce the number of Warrior turret upgrades are available?

  2. Quite disheartening to see this positive news being trashed in the comment section. It can only be a good thing that the army – an institution whose purpose is to defend this country, becomes more representative of its society and more welcoming and accommodating to ethnic minorities, who have played such a pivotal role in its past and continue to contribute so massively. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that becoming more accomdating and welcoming to ethnic minorities diluted the quality of the army . Indeed as the army is thousands below its intended strength of 82000 clearly a strategic as well as ethical policy is being pursued here to welcome higher numbers of minorities into the ranks.

  3. This is an excellent achievement. We work hard to represent in ourselves as an organisation the modern western moral values we fight for.

    Skepticism shown by some in here to basic human freedoms which we Soldiers of all races, faiths, religions etc fight side by side to defend and promote around the world is to be perfectly frank outrageous.

  4. So at a time when the army is at its smallest for centuries, with an ongoing recruitment problem that’s not showing any sign of improving, it’s being celebrated for being inclusive.

    The armed forces tends to attract 3 broad types of people: patriots, adventure seekers, and those with nowhere else to go. Return to the army’s traditional message of “be the best”, focus on that in the adverts. I’m definitely not saying don’t make it open to everyone eligible, but know your audience. You don’t see Call of Duty advertising for pensioners, or Fiat trying to sell a pink 500 to Jay Z

  5. I really hope there comes a time when our armed forces consist only of LBGT types, that way we can assure all gaps are covered and the rear too. Then we’d have It licked.

  6. TLDR: Army is prioritising race over ability (Pretty much the definition of racism) and got given a pointless award for it.

  7. Well fuck me gently. I bet the Russians are shitting themselves now. How about building a proper Armoured Division instead of an inclusive workplace. The enemy will not care if our troops are black or white, they all bleed red and die just the same. We should focus on ways to minimise that and not on what colour the troops are.

  8. Interesting to see how all you guys posting previously read the article and make the jump to positive discrimination in favour of racial minorities to the detriment of the Army. I don’t see anything in the article that states that or even implies it.

    For example “good practice on workplace race equality and inclusion” is nothing more than ensuring equality and “taking action on leadership, progression and/or recruitment” simply means ensuring programs in place to support this. Also “show how their policies are positively impacting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees” is nothing more than having an approach that provides encouragement and support for the identified groups.

    I certainly hope its not a case of reading what you want to read.

  9. In a list of 70 employers it would be more surprising if they didn’t make the list. I don’t think commenters need to get too excited about this.


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