Soldiers from 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (1PWRR) are among 4,100 soldiers from 10 different nations currently participating in Exercise Allied Spirit VIII in Southern Germany.

“In addition to the undulating terrain and dense wooded areas making communications and manoeuvrability difficult the Battlegroup were up against an opposing force familiar with the ground and given freedom of movement to conduct numerous probing attacks against their defences. Scenarios that continuously assessed the readiness of the soldiers.”

“It has been very a testing exercise where we have had to adapt to circumstances as presented refining techniques and tactics, we are learning a lot and quickly” commented Major Christiaan Stoffberg Officer Commanding C Company 1PWRR adding:

“Working in a multinational environment as we have here where we are fully integrated and working through interoperability issues as they arise is, I think, essential, this way you learn how to overcome not just the human frictions but the technical aspects as well.

The realism of the exercise has been phenomenal challenging us throughout, the training area has been unforgiving with the terrain often making communications difficult for everyone. It has provided a great learning opportunity for us all – particularly in the importance of maintaining battlefield discipline.”

Private Tom Canwell from Portsmouth said of the exercise:

“Allied Spirit is completely different from any exercise I have been involved in before. Here we have been tested to the full by an enemy who has been very determined, you have to remain alert throughout to potential attacks – it has been a unique and challenging experience.”

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Andy G
Andy G
3 years ago

Our huge advances in interoperability is probably whats keeping russia at bay.

Oscar Zulu
Oscar Zulu
3 years ago

And in news from Down Under the ADF has today announced that Rheinmetall’s Boxer has won the Land 400 Phase 2 contract for the ADFs Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) replacement for the ADF’s ageing ASLAVs. The first 11 of 211 vehicles on order will be produced in Germany while Rheinmetall gear up their Australian factory at Ipswich west of Brisbane. Local production will generate 1450 jobs across Australia with over 40 supply chain manufactures across 5 states and Australian steel manufacturers. The initial $5.2 billion project cost will include vehicle acquisition and upgrading of army base facilities across the country.… Read more »