Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group signed an exclusive agreement with QinetiQ to market, sell and install the latest generation of lightweight armour for the C-130 Hercules.

The new armour is half the weight and offers air crew the same threat protection as the previous LAST Armor. It also saves fuel, reduces the impact on the aircraft’s centre of gravity and allows the C-130-30 variant its full cargo carrying capacity, say the firm.

Marshall ADG will be the first company to certify the new lightweight armour on the C -130 aircraft.

Marshall ADG’s Sales Director, Matthew Harvey said:

“Being able to offer C-130 operators a lightweight armour solution that provides the same level of threat protection as the current LAST Armor demonstrates our commitment to protecting people in critical situations. Crew safety is paramount and critical to mission success and we’re pleased to be able to provide this capability to customers through this partnership with QinetiQ.”

Marshall signs exclusive partnership with QinetiQ for C-130 armour

This increased operational capability allows air forces around the world to operate in hostile environments with the confidence that their crews are protected against small arms fire, say Marshall.

Vice President of QinetiQ Inc., Dan Deguire, said:

“Since 1995, LAST Armor has provided critical protection from small arms fire on hundreds of C-130J, C-130E/H, C-5, and C-17s, as well as several other aircraft platforms. We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Marshall ADG to launch our next generation of improved lightweight armor products worldwide.”

The armour is manufactured from high tenacity polyethylene, making it extremely robust, and approximately 380kg (840lbs) lighter than the current LAST Armor solution specifically on the C -130J.

The armour can be quickly and easily installed during scheduled maintenance or as a standalone activity, thus ensuring optimum aircraft mission availability.

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Mike R

Could this modular armour be used in vehicles as well or is it already in service?


Yes, the armour has been in use for the last 20 years. The US Army use in their helicopters and it has been used as a spall liner on their vehicles.

Just type in “Qineitq Last Armour” for search on the net.


Nice to know the soldiers don’t have to sit on their helmets anymore. lol


Looks great, the options for this armour are Endless. I’m trying to find footage of it being tested!


On a different note, could the Airbus a380 Super jumbo be used as a millitary aircraft, troop transport numbers would be amazing and how about a drive in nose and Exit rear, one of them in RAF colours would be amazing I’m surprised they haven’t made a millitary version.

Rob Young

Cost? America will buy American, how many of these would sell elsewhere? Enough to justify designing, testing and tooling up an Airbus version? I very much doubt it.


Yeah fair enough, if I owned Airbus I would convert one to show the world. Imagine the amount of paratroopers that could be dropped..

Jason Holmes

There will soon be a lot available as airlines are dumping them en-mass

Ian M

BA are holding a jumbo sale of Boeing 747’s too!