Meggitt PLC has secured a contract valued at $48 million for the supply of Aerial Weapons Scoring Systems (AWSS) to the US Army.

This full-service contract will be supplied by Meggitt’s specialist defence division in Irvine, California, and includes product development, training, installation, field and cyber support, maintenance and repairs. AWSS provides essential gunnery training for defence customers worldwide, ensuring safe, efficient operation of targeting systems.

“Our AWSS technology enables gunnery crews to simulate real-life defence scenarios, providing essential training and ensuring safe, optimal performance of all equipment. We are proud that our technology has been selected by the US Army and we look forward to working closely with local teams as we roll out our AWSS solution.” said Gerry Janicki, Vice President Strategy for Meggitt Defense Systems Inc.

Recently, the firm also secured an $8 million fixed-price contract with the Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, for the delivery of liquid palletised cooling units for the P-8A aircraft.

The firm said that the contract will be supplied by Meggitt’s specialist defence division in Irvine, California, and directly supports Lot 8 production of the P-8A aircraft, further production releases are anticipated.

“Meggitt’s innovative liquid palletised solution provides essential cooling to mission critical equipment and sensors, ensuring safe flight operation. This is just one of many thermal management products Meggitt supplies to the P-8A and other military aircraft.”

“As large complex airborne sensors and equipment technology advances, demand for processing power and power generation increases.  Effective cooling has become more critical than ever. We are proud to be selected to supply Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, with this lifesaving solution designed to protect defence crews around the World,” said Gerry Janicki.

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