Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has secured its first contract to certify and install the latest generation of lightweight cockpit armour on the Danish Air Force’s fleet of C-130Js.

Marshall ADG say they signed an exclusive agreement in July this year to market, sell and install new lightweight armour (LAST Armor) from QinetiQ Inc., at the same time making it the first company able to certify the armour on the C-130 platform.

Marshall ADG’s Sales Director, Matthew Harvey explains:

“We’re delighted to be able to offer the Danish Air Force this cutting-edge lightweight armour solution that will replace their existing armour. Crew safety is paramount and critical to mission success and we’re pleased to be able to provide this important capability to Danish air crew through our exclusive partnership with QinetiQ.’”

The new armour is less than half the weight of the existing product, which will help to save fuel, reduce the impact on the aircraft’s centre of gravity and allow the C-130-30 variant its full cargo carrying capacity, whilst still meeting the same ballistic requirement as QinetiQ’s previous LAST Armor.

“This increased operational capability allows air forces around the world to operate in hostile environments with the confidence that their crews are protected against small arms fire.”

The armour is manufactured from high tenacity polyethylene, making it extremely robust, and approximately 380kg (840lbs) lighter than the previous generation LAST Armor solution.

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Robert Blay

Waiting for the inevitable ‘ We need 7 sqns worth of this armour, and we need to keep our Hercules in service for another 45 years, otherwise it’s a complete national disgrace ‘.😆🤣. 👍


While also getting a replacement that’s the most awesomest gold plated VTOL supersonic jet we can imagine.

Robert Blay



We should probably invest in making them all gunships as well….


That’s not really that stupid of an answer. It is actually more doable than you think. Perhaps not to the same scale as a dedicated Spectre, but the USAF’s Combat Shadow IIs and the USMC’s Harvest Hawk C130s show what can be down. They have kits and modifications to allow them to carry and launch laser guided bombs and missiles. They plan is for a C130 tanker when flying orbits can provide offensive support when called upon.


How to end a thread in 2 minutes flat. George must love you? Contributors using their imaginations is what this site is about. Why squash with your superior, know all, comments?

Robert Blay

It was a joke mate, lighten up. The problem is, some peoples imaginations go well beyond reality in these comment threads, and the nations finances.


And why shouldn’t they…their ideas can be debated without mockery!

Robert Blay

I haven’t mocked anyone, if you have taken offence then I’m sorry, but you don’t hold back on other comment threads do you.


You have mocked all those that put forward their ideas of how Britain might improve its defence forces….and you know you have. I always try to stick to arguments offered by contributors on an individual basis….rather than taking a shotgun approach and mocking potential future contributors!

Robert Blay

I served in the RN for 14 years, so I have a sense of reality, of the cost and need for military equipment, and why we buy what we do, and the expectations for our forces in general. To many put our nation down, and our Armed Forces, and talk a lot about Russian & Chinese wonder weapons that are completely false. And it gets a little trying at times, hence the tounge in cheek comment at the top.


Well I thought it was funny anyway #laughitoff.

Robert Blay

😄 cheers mate 🤙


At least some of people on here give damn unlike lot of public