General Sir James Everard has been appointed NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

“The fact that a Briton holds such a senior military role underlines our leading role in NATO.

With recent commitments to 500 troops in Estonia, more troops in Afghanistan and the renewal our nuclear deterrent, we’ve never been more committed to the NATO alliance.”

According to an MoD press release:

With a long and distinguished military career, including deployments in Bosnia, Germany and Iraq, Lieutenant General Everard currently holds the role of Commander Field Army, in charge of the Army’s deployable divisions and responsible for their force protection and generation for operations. He will be promoted to General and will succeed General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB OBE in March 2017.

Everard’s appointment comes at a crucial time for the Alliance, following a successful Summit in Warsaw earlier in July. Britain announced it would deploy around 500 soldiers to Estonia in early 2017 in order to provide further reassurance to allies and deter any potential threats. The UK will also lead NATO’s multinational quick reaction spearhead force in 2017, providing around 3000 UK troops along with tanks and armoured fighting vehicles.

Lieutenant General Sir James Everard said:

“It’s an honour to take up this role at such an important time for NATO.

The Warsaw Summit took important decisions on strengthening NATO’s collective defence and deterrence. So this will be a busy time and I am very much looking forward to making a contribution as DSACEUR.”


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Quite a lot of spin there from something not that remarkable (this comment aimed at the original press release not UK Defence reporting it).

I just looked it up in Wikipedia. This is now the 29th Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (Monty was the first). Of those 29 all but 8 have been from the UK. The other 8 were all from Germany. This latest one now makes it 5 in a row for the UK. One has to go back to 2004 (Admiral Rainer Feist) to find a non-Brit.

Info from the final section of this Wikipedia page:

Ryan Treadwell

What’s the point? We won’t be in Europe for long…

UK Defence Journal

Hi Ryan, this has zero to so with the EU. It is a NATO post.


It’s also a world-wide command position. Apparently the “Europe” bit in the job titles, and in the name of the NATO HQ, have only been kept in the names for historical and legal reasons. The “European” commander and deputy commander actually have worldwide command responsibility.

Ryan Treadwell

UK Defence Journal Ah I get it.

Ryan Treadwell

So would Turkey count?