Royal Air Force Typhoon jets will augment NATO’s air policing mission in Lithuania.

Formed around number 6 Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, the Typhoon detachment is augmented by specialist personnel from across the RAF to ensure that the detachment is able to operate and meet its operational taskings.

Wing Commander Stu Gwinnutt, RAF detachment commander, said in a release:

“The RAF has been a regular guest of our Baltic colleagues, this is the sixth time the United Kingdom has deployed on this Air Policing mission. The RAF was the third NATO member to conduct what was then a brand-new Allied mission of Baltic Air Policing here at Šiauliai, in 2004, I look forward to commanding the latest RAF detachment to conduct this important NATO mission, where we will demonstrate NATO’s collective resolve and assurance for our eastern Allies, As well as showing that the United Kingdom remains a leading NATO member that is reliable and well-connected.”

NATO’s Air Policing is a peacetime collective mission safeguarding the integrity of the Allies’ airspace.

“All Allies contribute to this collective mission bringing a system of radar sites and air surveillance and control units as well as fighter aircraft together under the coordination of Allied Air Command. Via its two Combined Air Operation Centres at Uedem, Germany, and Torrejon, Spain, the Allies have successfully cooperated and ensure one single standard of Air Policing across NATO airspace in Europe.

Allies without necessary air capabilities of their own e.g. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are integrated into Air Policing by deploying Allied fighter detachments.”

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1 year ago

The Typhoons look wonderful all nicely parked up in a row! I know Russia are not at war with us, but these aircraft are performing QRA. Therefore, they are the first line of defence and would be primary targets if anything kicked off. Given the distance to Russia from Amari is only 183 miles, the aircraft should at least be in pens, to provide blast protection.

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli
1 year ago
Reply to  DaveyB

Maybe a stock photo?

Siauliai is an ex Soviet airfield. You would think they had HAS?

According to Wiki Floggers were based there.