The Defence Secretary has announced new measures to put service personnel and Reservists on standby to support public services in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Ministry of Defence have confirmed that they plan to put an additional 10,000 military personnel at a higher readiness and place Reserves on standby to support public services as part of a new ‘COVID Support Force’, the Defence Secretary has announced.

“These measures are part of prudent contingency planning to respond in a timely way to any request from other governments departments or civil authorities for support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, the military have assisted with repatriation flights from China and Japan. They are also providing specialist military planners to Local Resilience Forums who are providing support to public services, local authorities and emergency services in preparing their response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

The Ministry of Defence have also announced further preparation to support public services if required:

  • up to 10,000 personnel will be placed at a higher readiness, so they are able to assist with supporting public services. This is on top of the 10,000 already held at higher readiness.
  • 150 military personnel will be trained to drive oxygen tankers in order to support the NHS if required. They will begin training on Monday.
  • measures have been taken to enable the call out of Reservists, should they be required to join the response effort
  • scientists from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) are supporting Public Health England’s effort to understand the virus and tackle the spread.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said:

“The men and women of our armed forces stand ready to protect Britain and her citizens from all threats, including COVID-19. The unique flexibility and dedication of the services means that we are able to provide assistance across the whole of society in this time of need. From me downwards the entirety of the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces are dedicated to getting the nation through this global pandemic.”

There are well-rehearsed mechanisms in place for the military to provide support to civil authorities in times of need. Most recently the military has been called on to support the government’s response to flooding, say the MoD.

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1 year ago

Some may not be needed, but not to have these lads and lasses at the ready would be unwise. The possibility of looting must be part of the scenario, but I pity those who try, as this must be a case of no quarter given?

1 year ago
Reply to  maurice10

Several years ago I would have agreed… but then the Tottenham/london riots happened and the police just stood back as people burned shops and looted what they liked.
This country is too soft and needs firmer policies for mass looting like that. Obviously without being borderline oppressive!
Hopefully we have learned lessons from that… but then again look at the panic buying of toilet roll! (Rolls eyes)
[email protected]

Geoffrey Simon Hicking
Geoffrey Simon Hicking
1 year ago
Reply to  Matt

America sees a surge in firearms sales, Amsterdam runs out of cannabis….

…and we run out of toilet roll!

Never knew we had a society of closet papier mache fanatics!

1 year ago

Yes Geof….and people say we couldn’t give a shit……!

1 year ago
Reply to  Herodotus