A British Army reservist was on duty with his US National Guard unit in the capital at the inauguration of 46th US President Joe Biden.

Major Keiron Francis, a Royal Signals reservist, is a sales director in the defence industry working on US Department of Defense and United Nations projects.

The British Army say that thanks to a new scheme, the Foreign Military Reserve Exchange Program, Keiron has been able to continue to serve as a reservist whilst living abroad.

The reciprocal arrangement means that American, Australian, and Canadian soldiers can do the same in the UK.

“Keiron, who has previously served on operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq, is attached to the Pennsylvania Army National Guard (PAARNG) with 56 Stryker Brigade Combat Team where he works in the Brigade Headquarters as an signals officer providing IT networks and communications. The US 28th Infantry Division, of which Keiron’s Unit is a part, is the oldest and longest serving Division in the US Army and was the first ashore on Omaha Beach during the D Day landings of 1944 – immortalised in the film, ‘Saving Private Ryan’.”

The PAARNG is the third  largest National Guard in the US (behind California and Texas) with around army 13,500 troops, just under half of the whole British Army Reserve.

You can read more here.

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julian1 (@guest_537352)
3 months ago

what a great story and opportunity. would be very interested to hear anecdotes from experience of the two arms. NG units appear to be at a much higher level of readiness and deployability than UK Army Reserve

Supportive Bloke
Supportive Bloke (@guest_537364)
3 months ago
Reply to  julian1

Also have a lot of their own heavy kit.

julian1 (@guest_537366)
3 months ago

I used to live just a 5 minute walk from a NG armory in the US, the vehicle park was well stocked! Even small town US police depts have surplus armoured humvees. The militarisation of the US police force!

Daveyb (@guest_537367)
3 months ago
Reply to  julian1

Can’t beat a diesel Astra though!

Dave (@guest_537383)
3 months ago
Reply to  Daveyb

Unless the crim is in another diesel Astra!

Airborne (@guest_537403)
3 months ago
Reply to  julian1

When I was an SPSI we did an exchange with the NG. Overall they seem more prepared, trained and supported. The Guard will pay for a youngsters schooling and they are very visible in the community. Also, they are well able to train and deploy as formed units, something we struggle with, with the current Army Resserve set up.

dan (@guest_537394)
3 months ago

Good luck Britain! Joe “white flag” Biden probably thinks he’s still in the Senate. lol

dave12 (@guest_537399)
3 months ago
Reply to  dan

Ahhh the sounds of delusional Trumpski supporter , you guys are like the flat earthers ,the world is a better place now Trumpski gone and you supporters will fade into the distance.

HumboldtBlue (@guest_537412)
3 months ago

May I make a correction? The 28th did not land at Normandy, the Division arrived in France in late July and entered combat around St. Lo. You’re confusing the 28th with the 29th Division which did land in the first wave at Normandy and suffered grievous casualties.

Airborne (@guest_537575)
3 months ago

Nope, boring.